15 tips for clean/green tech accelerator success

15 tips for clean/green tech accelerator success

b004d7dbbc058c70210ea8f143d8db77Pleased to Announce the Arrival of Our Newest EIR’S

July 2013, Vancouver B.C: Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre is  pleased to announce that Beth Loughney and Chris Reid have recently joined the Foresight team as our newest executives in residence.

We are fortunate to have procured two amazing EIR’s, who are well versed in startups and cleantech. We are pleased to have them join our team and support our first cohort of client companies.  Beth and Chris have diverse background experiences, proven track records of excellence and will be sharing their knowledge with our promising entrepreneurs.

Beth’s career has spanned over two decades in start-ups in abstruse 3D graphics for Hollywood, multi-billion dollar international firms,   and even a stint keeping the world safe from nuclear annihilation by helping dismantle the Soviet nuclear stockpile. Largely focused on the technology sector in roles as diverse as CEO and marketing coordinator, her interest has always been finding new ways to align the strategy, operations, and execution in an organization to make it more effective. After many years as a corporate practitioner, Beth now consults to companies of all sizes with a focus on building effective organizations, developing people, and creating effective processes to lead firms through periods of high growth or internal change.

Beth has experienced taking companies from startup, through acquisition “ in particular she was CEO of rendering software company Exluna, which was subsequently acquired by NVIDIA. This became the basis for their Digital Film Group which Beth ran for an additional 3 years.

On the clean technology front, Beth was instrumental in advising a solar lighting firm, helping them generate significant market traction in developing countries.

Chris has been involved in the clean technology sector for over 20 years.  He excels at pulling together diverse elements of opportunities to turn them into successful ventures. Chris has had successful experience developing companies from the nascent stage, through technology development, productization and cost down, market establishment, sales, as well as establishing highly effective teams.

Chris was co-founder and CEO of Cellex Power Products which was subsequently acquired by Plug Power in 2007. Chris then ran the Motive Power Division of Plug Power for 3 years. He is currently Chairman of Hydrexia, an Australian hydrogen storage company, and he recently led them through major financing.

Chris’s specialties include: company creation and development, business/opportunity analysis and synthesis, creating and/or strengthening customer value propositions, raising capital, technology development, establishment of product delivery organizations, market development and customer sales, and CEO/leadership mentoring.  As well, Chris holds a masters degree in engineering and has worked extensively with cryogenics, novel materials, energy conversion systems, hydrogen, fuel cells and other clean technologies.  Chris is part of the BCIC mentoring group and a director of the Working Opportunity Fund.

About Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre:

ForesightCAC is a not-for-profit Canadian cleantech accelerator.  Formed in 2013, with a mandate to help clean technology entrepreneurs form and accelerate their companies in B.C., our goal is to help companies discover their sustainable and profitable business model through the parallel processes of customer development and lean viable product. During this process we will bring clean technology entrepreneurs together with corporate partners, universities, government agencies and local service providers. These concerted efforts will be focused around areas of strategic advantage and will help foster the growth of clean technology ecosystems in British Columbia and ultimately Canada.

Foresight CAC has been contracted by the BC Innovation Council to deliver their Venture Acceleration Program to clean technology companies in B.C.

For more information about ForesightCAC, general inquiries or to apply to be a potential cohort company please visit our website or send us a quick email info@foresightcac.com.