Foresight client, PCS Biofuel Pilot Scale Reactor Successfully Commissioned in Korea

Foresight client, PCS Biofuel Pilot Scale Reactor Successfully Commissioned in Korea

November 18, 2015 (Vancouver, BC); Peter Dodge, CEO of PCS Technologies Inc. announced

today that the company has successfully completed the initial testing of their binary reactor

system to produce polycarbon solid (PCS) biofuel with a calorific value of 27MJ/Kg in Suncheon,


The PCS team visited the project site last month. The reactor system, consisting of two 1,700

litre reactors, was successfully producing close to a tonne of biofuel from a number of

feedstocks over a five (5) day production period. The one-tenth scale commercial reactor system

was built by Yulim Industrial Company Ltd. and was funded jointly by KETEP and the BC Bio-
energy Network (BCBN).

“We are very delighted that the system and biofuel performance meets our expectations”

explained Mr. Dodge. “We are excited to update our partners with the news and assess which

full-scale projects will be initiated first.”

The PCS Biofuel process converts biomass into a polymeric bio-coal using hot compressed water

and a patented catalyst. The hydrothermal polymerization process was invented by Alexis Fosse

Mackintosh in 2008. The first two patents on the process were filed in April and May of 2009.


PCS Biofuels was founded in 2010 by Alexis Fosse Mackintosh and Peter Dodge. Global waste

and clean energy needs have created a prime opportunity for PCS Technologies Inc., who have a

new patented, process that profitably converts any wet organic waste into high energy-density

solid biofuel. The process takes less than two hours for production and unlike other processes

does not need to dry the feedstock prior to the conversion process. Our target market includes

coal fired power generation, municipal solid waste and agriculture waste management.

Contact: Peter Dodge, CEO