Foresight Welcomes SprayWerx and GR Green to the VAProgram

Foresight Welcomes SprayWerx and GR Green to the VAProgram

Foresight Welcomes SprayWerx and GR Green to the Venture Acceleration Program

August 2013, Vancouver, B.C:

SprayWerx Technologies, Inc., the first client company to join ForesightCAC, specializes in surface engineering manufacturing processes and technologies that use thermal spray applications. These thermal spray applications can be used in high tech aerospace, shipbuilding and oil and gas applications, among others.

SprayWerx has established a worldwide Collaboration Network of established and knowledgeable companies engaged in surface engineering and thermal spray. This Collaboration Network includes companies who specialize in equipment, materials, service and integration. This Network enables SprayWerx to supply complete and cost effective surface engineering manufacturing solutions to end users.

Alan Burgess, President, founded the Company in 2011.  Alan is a Professional Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in thermal spray and advanced materials processing.  A key innovation championed by Alan is the Axial Suspension Plasma Spray Technology, which is currently being introduced on commercial aerospace jet engines. The company is also accelerating development of a novel coating process, material and equipment that will replace expensive chroming processes that pollute the environment with toxic hexavalent chrome.

Currently, Alan is a member of the Private Sector Advisory Board (PSAB) of the Government of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence

SprayWerx also provides expertise and consulting services for companies who are looking to adopt thermal spray or surface engineering into their manufacturing process or have a novel surface engineering technology and are looking for commercialization or marketing assistance

For more information about SprayWerx please visit their website.


GR Green Building Products Inc., the second client company to join the Foresight team, has created the most eco- friendly roofing and siding option in the market from recycled plastic and waste limestone. Through a unique, proprietary, patented process that dramatically changes the material properties of the composite, they transform plastic bags and milk bottles into ductile (can be nailed without breaking) and extremely useful building materials.

GR Green products look remarkably like real slate and natural cedar and are very easy to install, but if being aesthetically pleasing isn’t enough, GR Green is also beating out the competition on cost and performance. GR Green’s roofing and siding products are very affordable, last over 50 years and are totally recyclable at the end of their lives. Now you know what happens when you recycle all those milk bottles and grocery bags.

GR Green’s breakthrough in composites’ manufacture represents a disruptive improvement over existing production processes (extrusion, compression or injection moulding) which require higher plastic content (40% to 60%) most of which is often virgin plastic.  GR Green’s process is not only more economical, requiring only 23% plastic content, but also more ecological since 100% of the plastic utilized is from recycled sources.

The President and leader of GR Green is Geoff Wensel.  Geoff is a Professional Engineer with extensive experience in the research and development of green building materials as well as startups and new venture financing. His integrity and vision is leading GR Green to become one of the most innovative manufactures of green building products in Canada.

For more information about GR Green please visit their website or contact them here.

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