Expert Clinics & Cleantech Connect Events

Expert Clinics

Foresight is actively working with local companies and other organizations to provide value-added programming for its clients.
Learn from local service providers and clean technology experts in areas such as fund-raising, IP and other legal issues, customer development, and agile product development in workshop or seminar sessions.
Understand concepts for sustainable business models, customer acquisition, accounting and financial issues, technology licensing, internet protocol, capital financing and more.
Gain access to relevant universities and research institutes for issues related to cutting-edge technology.

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Cleantech Connects Events

Discover best practices for commercializing tech products from those who have had success in the marketplace.
Meet with local and international best-in-industry partners to learn more about problems they have encountered, and explore your company’s potential solutions to these problems.
Foresight will organize regular sessions between its clients, government and the private sector to:

  • stimulate the development of a cleantech product or service through an exchange of ideas and information
  • provide valuable insight;
  • broker introductions for access to investment capital and funding networks.
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