From Hurricane Relief to Hollywood Blockbuster – The Rise of (Clean) Portable Energy

Portable Electric, a Canadian leader in Clean Portable Power Generation

Imagine living through a hurricane. Your house is in pieces, your life uprooted. 

Now imagine trying to rebuild it all while living in the dark with no power. 

That was the situation facing many residents of North Carolina in September 2018 when a team from Portable Electric, a Vancouver-based solar power portable generator company, travelled there with 10 of their VOLTstack power stations and portable solar panels. The VOLTstack technology was used to power everything from communications devices, to construction and power tools, and accelerated the rebuilding efforts the homeowners faced.  

The work that the Portable Electric team did in North Carolina underscored the growing importance of clean, portable and distributed power generation, and why Portable Electric is emerging as a major player in this industry. 

A Crucial Player in Cleantech

Mark Rabin is the founder and CEO of Portable Electric and is a participant in Foresight’s GROW program. A true visionary, he sees Foresight as being a crucial player in the creation of a vibrant cleantech sector in British Columbia:  “I see Foresight as a trailblazer and a relevant voice for the future of Cleantech in BC. They believe in the same vision I do – made in BC solutions to real-world environmental problems.”

Mark recently presented at a Vancouver City Council meeting, and was an influential voice in the city’s recent motion to eliminate gas and diesel generators on film sets and food trucks operating in Vancouver. 

This is why I’m in this. I believe that the only way to change policy is to provide technologies that solve real world problems. When we started this in 2016, there were no alternatives to gas/diesel generators. Now there is, and the city listened to us because there are now answers and options.” he said. “I aligned with Foresight because we both know that we need made-in-BC, clean technologies to be exported around the world.” 

When Hollywood Comes Calling …

And what better vehicle to showcase the global nature of Portable Electric’s footprint than the ultimate symbol of global adventure – James Bond. Yes, the Hollywood blockbuster Bond franchise is powering their remote locations with the Portable Electric’s Voltstack generator: 

With a no-noise, no pollution solution for disaster relief, made-in-BC technology, a visionary cleantech leader, and photos of their product at use on James Bond movie sets all over the globe, Portable Electric is a good-news story for BC and a vibrant, growing company –  as one of their clients recently said … “100 Thumbs Up”!

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