BC Cleantech Awards 2020- And The Winners Are...

February 12, 2020

Thank you to everyone who attended the first-ever BC Cleantech Awards. After reviewing over 100 submissions, we are pleased to announce the winners below.

Industry Impact Award

Associations play a huge role in helping industries transform towards a greener future. This award celebrates the BC association that is engaging members with cleantech and sustainability top of mind.

Winner: Pembina Institute

Industry Icon Award

Every once in a while, when you look at changes and innovations that have disrupted a sector, one person stands out as an icon. We’re looking for that person, someone who’s changing the world of cleantech.

Winner: Jonathan Rhone, Axine Water Technologies

Newcomer Award

New to the cleantech sector? With this award, we are looking for a go-getter in cleantech who has just entered the industry over the last year, and who’s already making a real difference in the industry.

Winner: Trevor Burgess, Voltsafe

Innovation Funder Award

This award honours investors and funders with a vision and a plan for the cleantech-driven economy. Let’s celebrate the leading investors in BC cleantech.

Winner: Chrysalix

Sustainability Educator Award

Innovation needs education, idea generation and skills development. All are crucial parts of a cleantech economy. Who is taking an innovative approach to education in cleantech? Let us know.

Winner: Mark Jaccard, Simon Fraser University

Educational Institution Award

A powerhouse of educational excellence that is championing the cleantech future. We're looking for an educational institution that is taking risks, equipping tomorrow's to lead the way on innovation.

Winner: BCIT Applied Research

Connector Award

No one goes solo in making a difference. We want to honour our industry’s most innovative and influential connectors. Who’s ‘in the know’? Who can you rely on for the introductions you need?

Winner: Wal van Lierop, Chrysalix Venture Capital

Transformation Advocate Award

Cleantech can and will transform an industry. A transformative advocate knows that and is using the influence of their corporation to move the entire province toward a healthy sustainable future.

Winner: Borealis GeoPower Inc.

Innovative Program Award

Great leaders drive great programs and policy that drives innovation. Here’s the award for that unsung hero in government who’s working hard so that we all rise together in the coming cleantech revolution.

Winner: Sustainable Development Technology Canada

Rising Star Award

You have had an amazing start to cleantech venture. You’re more than an idea - you’re a growing concern. Watch out, here you come. The Rising Star award is for a new company making waves in cleantech.

Winner: Pani Energy

Game Changer Award

You’re a thriving cleantech company, growing and contributing to the BC ecosystem. You made big plans and they are happening. We’re looking for a company that’s planting some solid roots in the BCecosystem.

Winner: Carbon Engineering