British Columbia Cleantech 2019 Status Report

February 21, 2020

From the forward:

BC’s Cleantech sector has continued its impressive growth trajectory since the previous BC Cleantech Status Report in 2016 (the “2016 Status Report”). The number of clean technology (“Cleantech”) companies has grown from 273 to 293, the total number of employees has increased by 2,400 to 16,300, with 9,604 based in BC, and the sector continues to access billions of dollars of equity investment. At the same¬† time, average wages remain highly competitive at $82,000, and the sector’s revenue has grown to over $2.4 billion.

This report highlights the fact that BC’s Cleantech sector is export-oriented, with 87% of revenues forecast to be generated outside of the province in three to five years. Revenues are also diversified across a wide range of markets, including power generation, transportation, oil and gas, mining, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. This diversity not only reflects the breadth and depth of the sector but also the scale of the global market for Cleantech, which is now estimated at more than $3 trillion.

Source: BC Cleantech Report 2019, BC Cleantech CEO Alliance