Canadian Energy Export Guide

June 3, 2020

Canada is renowned worldwide for its excellence and innovation in the oil and gas industry, including as a world industry leader in heavy oil production and shale gas/tight oil plays. Many countries have recognized Canada’s leading positions in oil and gas technology, such as enhanced oil recovery, processes and oilfield legislation, and are modelling their own regulations on what they see from Canada’s various energy regulators.

Canadian firms, including pipeline operators and upstream exploration and production companies, are active in dozens of oil and gas producing countries worldwide. Canada can offer a wide range of services and products in oil & gas and related clean technologies from grassroots exploration, pipeline construction and operation, to end of production decommissioning, reclamation and remediation.

The Canadian Energy Export Guide represents more than 1,000 companies that export products and services. This guide identifies the products and services using 12 primary categories and 60 sub-categories and a corresponding infographic. For a complete searchable database of exporting Canadian companies in each category listed on the infographic, visit

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