New Report:
Everyone Eats – The Future of Food in the Age of COVID

May 15, 2020

Why innovation and entrepreneurship are more important than ever.

This report, published by S2G Ventures (Seed 2 Growth), explores “implications of the COVID-19 pandemic to the Food and Agriculture industry and identify the areas of innovation critical to building a healthier and more sustainable food system.”

The research ranges from desktop research to monitoring news outlets and speaking to various experts (epidemiologists, healthcare professionals, farmers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and other investors) to gather insights and develop a perspective on the implications of COVID-19 on food and agriculture.


The Future of Food

The researchers summarize the conclusions as follows:

“the potential common thread that could bridge us to the future is technology. Pre-COVID changing consumer behavior coupled with new innovation were driving increased market changes and pressure.

While several trends that were in motion pre-COVID will be further accelerated by the pandemic, we believe four innovation themes are likely to rise in a post-COVID world, including: digitalization, decentralized food systems, de-commoditization, and food as an immunity.”

Download this report HERE.