Open Ocean Robotics – A Cleantech Solution to Collecting Ocean Data

April 15, 2020

Open Ocean Robotics makes it cheaper, easier and safer to understand our oceans using our proprietary solar powered self-driving boats that travel our oceans for months at a time collecting ocean data. We help ocean researchers, offshore industries, and governments operate more effectively and safely, protect our oceans from challenges like climate change and overfishing, and secure our coastlines.

Industry Sector

  • Robotics/Sensors

Type of Funding

  • Series A or B ($500K to $5M)

Pitch Deck

Download Open Ocean Robotics Pitch Deck and discover how they plan to provide ocean data that is more comprehensive, at a fraction of the cost and without greenhouse gas emissions.

Introductory Video

Watch the video above for an introduction to this company and their technology.


Julie Angus
Open Ocean Robotics
2L-4476 Markham Street
Victoria, British Columbia
V8Z 7X8

email: [email protected]