Summit Nanotech – Lithium Extraction Technology

April 15, 2020

Summit Nanotech is a Canadian startup company disrupting conventional lithium mining processes by commercializing green lithium extraction technology. With lithium demand expected to grow exponentially with record-setting sales for electric vehicles, lithium mining companies are searching for extraction methods that will secure and strengthen their lithium supply capacity.

Summit Nanotech has developed a proprietary, nanotechnology-based extraction process that improves yield, increases energy efficiency, decreases environmental impact and lowers GHG emissions. Mining companies need this technology to get a more consistently reliable, high-quality product to market faster and with greater margins. The world needs this technology to ensure the responsible and sustainable supply of lithium for all battery storage.

Industry Sector

  • Natural Resources – Mining

Type of Funding

  • Series A or B ($500K to $5M)

Pitch Deck

Download Summit Nanotech Pitch Deck and discover how they plan to produce the greenest lithium on the planet while reducing operational costs.


Amanda Hall
Summit Nanotech
1155L 44th Ave SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 4X4

phone: (403) 472-6810
email: [email protected]