Swirltex – A Revolution in Wastewater Treatment

April 2, 2020

Swirltex is a Calgary based clean-tech start up company commercializing a novel wastewater treatment technology for high strength wastewater. The technology utilizes tubular membranes in a more efficient way, allowing for higher quality treatment, unlocking opportunities for water re-use.

Industry Sector

  • Watertech

Type of Funding

  • Series A or B ($500K to $5M)

Pitch Deck

“Over 80% of the world’s wastewater – and over 95% in some least developed countries – is released
to the environment without treatment.”
– UN World Water Development Report

Download Swirltex Pitch Deck and discover how they plan to unlock water recycling and reuse opportunities for the toughest wastewater streams.

Process Animation

Swirltex has developed a technology that reduces fouling by up to 50% and increases membrane performance, cutting OPEX by 30% (membrane cleaning and downtime) and boosting productivity.

See the video above for an animated description of this innovative process.


Melanie McClare
#56, 5335 6th Street NE
Calgary, Alberta T2K 5Y4
ph: (403) 869-6799
email: [email protected]