Voltsafe Challenges the World Standard for Electrical Plug (& Wins)

June 3, 2020

“We challenged the world standard for electrical plugs and won,” says Trevor Burgess, CEO of VoltSafe.

“For our prong-less design to receive such a high level of ­safety certification across North America is unprecedented and groundbreaking. We’re excited to bring the electrical plug into the 21st century with safer and more energy efficient technology for consumers and global industries.”

Exciting News for Voltsafe!

At Foresight, we are the loudest cheerleaders when one of ‘our’ companies hits it out of the park with a great success story to tell. So, loud congratulations go out to Voltsafe for achieving a SIL3 (safety integrity level 3) rating for its first to market product, the Magnetic Block Heater Plug. This is the highest safety integrity level that is economically feasible for industrial applications, and a true gamechanger for Voltsafe and the industry.

Check out their full press release here.