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What nutrient recovery technologies (NRTs) can produce a concentrated, higher-value product (e.g., organic fertilizer) from the digestate produced from on-farm anaerobic digestion technology and/or make this product more easily and cost-effectively transportable off-site?

The Issue: Cost-effective nutrient recovery from on-farm anaerobic digestate and related product exportability.
The Challenge: This Challenge seeks solutions that can help to improve the economics of British Columbia’s renewable natural gas (RNG) supply chain.  The successful technologies or engineering process improvements will:

  • Improve the business case for pipeline-grade RNG production by developing or adapting a technology to improve nutrient recovery processes and/or the development of higher value products from digestate.
  • Describe a path to commercial viability.
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Submissions Closed


1. Muddy River Technologies (www.muddyriver.ca)

2. CH Four (www.chfour.ca) and BioPolynet (www.biopolynet.com)

3. Trident Processes (tridentprocesses.com)

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