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Catalyzing Impact

Foresight is an industry leader in bringing challenge programs to cleantech. Our challenges operate in a flexible framework that can be tailored to fit your project needs - from a large scale industry-wide challenge with multiple stakeholders over several years, to a one-day event focused on a micro-challenge.

Innovation requires bold thinking and new ideas. It requires cooperation, creativity, knowledge sharing - and the structured, strategic approach offered by a facilitated Challenge process.

If you are facing a challenge, if you are looking down the barrel of a problem that has no known solution or easy answer, if speed is of the essence, if you need to de-risk your innovation investments, then contact our Director of Innovation to discuss partnering with us in a cleantech-focused challenge.

Foresight - Open Challenge

How it Works

Foresight’s unique Challenge processes are a proven method to identify and rapidly prototype technological solutions. While the timelines and scope varies according to individual project needs, the overall process has four phases and proceeds as follows:

Foresight - Open Challenge


Defining the problem

Dialogues will be hosted to identify pressing industry challenges that need advanced technology innovations, and to thoroughly define the problem with a broad group of industry and clean tech innovators and thought leaders. Challenge is announced, and applications received.

Foresight - Open Challenge

Innovation Sprint

Potential solutions developed

Finalists will receive funding support to develop a prototype within specified time range. Mentorship and business support will be provided by Foresight to help accelerate an idea from concept to prototype and from seed to first funding.

Foresight - Open Challenge

Field Testing

Solution viability tested

The industry sponsor will select at least one prototype for field testing.

Foresight - Open Challenge


Release to market

Foresight will provide project management oversight, an Executive-in-Residence, lab and office space, and business support to help the company move towards commercialization.

Ready to Get Started?

It’s time to start shaping the cleaner future of industry. If you could use some innovation and outside-the-box thinking, contact us today to talk to Dylan Groven, our Director of Corporate Innovation, about hosting a Challenge.

The answers are out there, let’s go find them.


“We started working with Foresight in fall 2018 when we were working on our product for industrial testing, a trustful, knowledgeable and experienced advisor is priceless for every CEO.”

- Reza Tavakoli, President & CEO of Avestec

“Foresight has provided invaluable support and helped us fine-tune our go-to-market plan so we can fully realize our ambitions.”

- Soroush Karimzadeh, co-founder of Novarc Technologies

“One of our challenges led to a potential reduction of GHG emissions in the oil sands by 500,000 tonnes annually.”

- Matt McCulloch P.Eng | Director Greenhouse Gas Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance