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  • CEO Growth: Feb 15, 2021



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  • Chief Scientific Officers

Building C-suite Capacity for Cleantech Companies

If you are a C-suite executive at a Canadian cleantech company, this could be the leadership development opportunity that vaults your venture to success.

Foresight’s CXO Growth program helps emerging cleantech ventures develop leadership strength. The program, available to leaders of Canadian cleantech companies with market traction, is offered in 3 streams:

  • CEO Growth. Chief Executive Officers of startups face distinct challenges. The CEO Growth program brings cleantech CEOs together in small, trusted groups for information sharing and support.
    • Deadline: Feb 15
  • Executive Growth. Chief Financial Officers and Chief Operating Officers have the opportunity to learn and grow in the Executive Growth Program.
  • CTO Growth. Targeting Chief Technology Officers and Chief Scientific Officers, this program addresses issues related to leaders in these roles.

Each program offer a two-pronged format that ensures ongoing development and support:

  1. Roundtable meetings. Every second month, the cohort group meets to learn from an expert guest speaker.
  2. Peer-to-peer. On alternating months, the group meets for a moderated discussion about their most pressing issues, sharing their experiences and solutions.

CEO is a lonely job. You are surrounded by advisors, employees, and hopefully customers, but sometimes it feels like there is no one that you can share some of the challenges with and not be judged. Someone who has experienced similar challenges and is willing to share what worked or maybe what did not work. Someone who might be able to highlight a pitfall that you had not considered. Conversely, there are also moments of euphoria that it might be too early to share with your usual network. Having a trusted group where you can be vulnerable is important.

Heather Herring

Foresight EIR
Moderator, CEO Growth Program

The launch of Foresight’s CXO Growth program is sponsored by Acetech.
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