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Accelerate the Growth of Your Cleantech Venture

Foresight’s accelerator programs support cleantech ventures from the idea stage to launch to scale up. As part of a cohort, you’ll learn from your peers, mentors, and highly experienced Executives in Resident (EIRs) who lend valuable “been there, done that” expertise.



Validate your cleantech business idea and ensure problem-solution fit to ensure you are targeting the best potential customers. Kickstart will provide you with training and support to help you build a strong foundation for your business and position you for success.

  • 8-week course for cleantech startups culminates with Problem-Solution final presentations


Get set up for success. Develop a minimum viable product, conduct customer discovery, and perfect your pitch. Our Launch program will match you with an experienced coach who will help accelerate your path to market.

  • 6-week course for emerging ventures followed by Demo Day pitch sessions


Learn to develop a Technology Development Roadmap that creates a strong foundation for business growth. Deliver is the only training program specifically for cleantech CTOs, supported by a highly experienced Executive in Residence.

  • 6-week course typically follows completion of Launch


Securing a pilot with a commercial customer is a significant step in successfully launching a cleantech venture. Foresight’s Pilot program helps cleantech startups accelerate their path to commercial pilot.

  • 4-week program to take you on the path to pilot


Scale your business with customized support that helps you develop your leadership team, access global markets, and raise capital. Grow provides customized support that will help you overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

  • Ongoing learning and support tailored to your venture’s needs

CXO Growth

Develop C-suite leadership skills through targeted programs that combine roundtable learning sessions and peer-to-peer support. Three program streams – CEO, Executive (CFO and COO), and CTO – provide valuable learning for your leadership team. Foresight’s CXO Growth Program with support from Fasken.

  • Monthly meetings alternate between guest speakers and peer roundtable discussions

Canada’s Cleantech Scale-up Program

The next generation of cleantech ventures need a different type of support. While many accelerator programs help startups launch their businesses, Canada’s Cleantech Scale-up Program will prepare ventures for the next stage, providing customized support that enables them to grow rapidly and successfully seize opportunities, positioning them as leaders on the global stage.

  • Focused on enabling the creation of 25 problem-driven climate ventures valued at $1 billion by 2030.

Climate Ventures

Accelerate from Anywhere

Discover support for innovators driven by impact, at every stage, from anywhere in Canada. Accelerate from Anywhere provides entrepreneurs with a shortcut to navigating the innovation ecosystem, connecting you to the most suitable program to support your growth.

  • Connect with a range of programs from partners across Canada

NEXT Sectors

Discover how sector-specific support and training can accelerate your venture’s growth.



Leading the growth of Canada’s agritech and agrifood industries, including regenerative agriculture, reducing water use, expanding automation and AI, and reducing pesticides and pollutants.

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Leveraging the strengths of Canada’s natural resources to explore biomaterials, biofuels, and other biological resources to provide products, processes, and services that align with a sustainable economic system.

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Supporting CCUS strategies needed to help Canada meet net-zero emissions goals, including carbon sequestration, creating new products with carbon, and the decarbonization of steel, pulp mills, cement, and oil and gas.

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An innovation network of excellence organized on a platform with key energy players across the globe to share best practices, and help transition to a clean economy.

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A pan-Canada water technology ecosystem working working to accelerate the scale-up and adoption of Canadian competitive water technology solutions to address the world’s most pressing water challenges.

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