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We’re pleased that our Challenge has identified new techniques to recover valuable products from the wastewater sludges produced during our manufacturing process. Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all the applicants that took the time to present their interesting solutions. We are looking forward to working with C-Green and Yilkins to co-create a pilot proposal.

Mariana Parody Transformation Manager, CMPC
<strong>Mariana Parody</strong>

Our Innovation Challenges Provide a Systemized, De-Risked, and Cost-Effective Process for Sourcing, Evaluating, Testing, and Implementing Cleantech Solutions.

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  • Leverage our network of cleantech startups, companies, executives, and advisors.
  • Raise your profile through large, widely-marketed innovation calls or competitions (optional).
  • Share results with other challenge sponsors in a buyer group or more broadly with the public (optional).

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From waste heat recovery in the oil and gas industry to nutrient management on the farm, our Innovation Challenges provide solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental issues.

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Foresight also offers the SDG Connect Challenge service. We connect Canadian businesses to global market opportunities by running innovation Challenges with international partners and local companies looking to overcome barriers to sustainability. There's no cost to companies other than their time. Each challenge takes five months to complete.