Making walls healthy, durable and sustainable.

Calmura Natural Walls is a values-based social venture focused on making natural, high-performance building materials to create super-healthy homes that last for generations, and we are looking to hire!

Calmura Natural Walls is focused on using only the natural materials the planet provides, in order to operate our business in a sustainable and zero-waste manner. We are working hard on changing the way architects think about, and builders create, residential walls. The goal is to bridge between large-scale factory manufacturing and small-scale hand-crafting to create superior building products for localized markets. We seek the happy medium of fully-certified products and custom home-building possibilities, while developing methods that are scalable for long-term growth and longevity.
Calmura is in pre-launch research, market validation and partnership establishment and looks to start pilot operations in 2022. We strive to have a major positive impact on fostering healthy living environments around the globe. Our vision includes re-writing the conversation on how high-performance walls are supplied – locally from available waste fiber – and built with total sustainability in mind.


Digital Marketer
Being a start-up, there are many things we need, but most importantly we need people who are passionate about doing better for the environment with the buildings we construct and inhabit. Having a passion for architecture and construction, as well as the interest to make changes happen, is really helpful here. In the end, you will gain satisfaction from truly effecting change and creating the sustainable world we have envisioned for a long time.
We are looking for a recent graduate from a Marketing or Communications program, with a strong interest in the built environment, to be involved directly with the planning, development and implementation of our company’s digital marketing program. This is a short-term (4 months) full-time position, starting on November 15th, 2021 focused on market engagement and validation for our novel wall system. This hands-on position manages the implementation of digital marketing strategies, including our social media feeds, website, content creation, survey implementation and analysis, and general digital engagement with our targeted beachhead audience.
There will be many areas of learning and research regarding our pioneering efforts, as well as planning, organizing, copywriting, and implementing the strategies to engage with a broader audience around our novel technology. The ideal candidate must be competent and able to manage multiple on-going activities while building a greater depth of understanding of the industry and market. You must be an independent worker who can discover the most effective means to engage with our stakeholders and make sure it creates the results needed for the confirmation of market interest and validation. You must also be an excellent team player and be able to help out with any additional marketing or event needs that might come up during employment. This is an exciting and challenging position that will test and improve your project management, planning, design and copywriting skills.

Main Responsibilities We Envision:
⬜ Design and planning of digital marketing strategy
⬜ Copywriting of technical information and blogs regarding our technology
⬜ Manage digital media channels and postings
⬜ Create digital polling and analyze poll results
⬜ Provide a wide range of skills regarding start-up marketing needs
⬜ Set schedules and timelines for successful completion of projects
⬜ Expand digital marketing reach and define market segments for focus
⬜ Improve website content and coordinate with digital media messaging

Ideal Candidate Profile:
⬜ A university degree or college diploma in Marketing or Communications
⬜ Knowledgeable of the building industry, especially residential wood-frame construction
⬜ Curious about building sustainable, durable and innovative structures
⬜ Experienced in social media, visual media design and technical copywriting
⬜ Driven to examine details in each process and improve through kaizen principles
⬜ Capable of the highest-quality work and output
⬜ Skilled problem-solver with ability to find solutions that provide positive outcomes
⬜ Interested in reducing waste and finding better ways for the future of the planet

How to Apply:
This is full-time, remote-work position based in Vancouver, BC, working side-by-side with our CEO. It consists of a standard weekday schedule with flex hours possible.
We ask that any interested applicants send their resume and cover letter as soon as possible to [email protected] We will review applications as they are submitted and directly contact any candidates receiving consideration.
Calmura Natural Walls is an equal opportunity employer with the vision of attaining certified B-corp status once operations have commenced.

To apply for this job please visit