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Vancouver-based clean, mobile power provider seeks new Chief Executive Officer

Based in our thriving cleantech hub of Vancouver, BC, Portable Electric is an exciting scale-up clean technology company, which brings clean power on-demand for remote and mobile environments, as well as expanding into the fast-growing market of EV charging.

The Board of Directors appreciates the excellent groundwork laid by the founder, Mark Rabin. Thanks to Mark’s vision and hard work, they also see the significant growth opportunity that lies ahead. To capitalize on this, all agree on the need for an experienced, deeply operational CEO who has already completed a similar quest to the one that lies ahead here. Mark Rabin fully supports this initiative and will support this next phase of growth in the role of Founder and Chief Vision Officer.

Candidate Profile

To enjoy and succeed in this role, you will be a seasoned scale-up CEO (or C-suite leader) with cleantech or industrial tech sector expertise, who welcomes the challenge of stewarding a pioneering small business through to profitability and significant growth. From your own experience, you will understand how to leverage evolving business opportunities, and how to build a robust, resilient and scalable organization. You will deploy your hard-earned expertise in how to nurture and engage world-class teams, how to build company value – and how to achieve a successful exit.

The Board’s ideal checklist in terms of specific skills, style and experience is detailed below.

Leadership Skills & Style

§  Cultural alignment (open-minded, empowering, collaborative, high integrity)

§  Vision (ability to create and articulate vision aligned with – and supported by – board and management)

§  Strategy (able to create and executive strategy to achieve the vision)

§  Built and led teams ideally in range of 50 – 100+

§  Brings leadership gravitas

Sales/Route to Market

§  Experience with Direct, Distributor/reseller channels and OEM

§  Very comfortable with enterprise customers

§  Disciplined in sales process and metrics

§  Ideally brings established contacts in one or more relevant industries (e.g.  industrial tech, power/energy, electrification, construction, film)

Finance & Governance

§  Manages with financial KPIs and metrics in mind

§  Confident P&L ownership

§  Comfortable with corporate governance

§  Worked effectively with a Board of Directors


§  Experience in realm of relevant HW and SW technologies (e.g. electrification, batteries, power, control systems, firmware, software)

§  Can assist with roadmap development

§  Appreciation of program management disciplines (e.g. Agile)

§  Understands DFM/DFC/DFQ practices

§  Manages with engineering metrics and KPIS in mind

Supply Chain & Manufacturing

§  Experience with internal and external manufacturing options

§  Experience with COGS reductions; manages with supply chain metrics and KPIs in mind

Investor Relations

§  Comfortable and credible in front of investors

§  Experience raising capital, and an established investor network


§  Relevant sector background and networks – e.g. industrial tech/power/energy/cleantech relating to utilities/electrification/construction/film

§  Led (or heavily involved in) a successful exit of some kind

§  Grown an industrial tech type business in comparable size range

§  Ability/transferable skills/attitude require to work collaboratively with Board

§  Business coverage/exposure in US and preferably Europe

Interested to Learn More?

The Board of Portable Electric has entrusted Latitude Cleantech Search to partner with them on this key role. Please contact Elaine Grotefeld to express your interest, ask any questions and learn more by emailing her on [email protected]    Elaine commits to engaging with you in a respectful and transparent manner throughout this process and to respecting the confidentiality of any documents or information shared.  Portable Electric and Latitude Cleantech Search are committed to ensuring a fair, open and accessible process and look forward to considering candidates from a diversity of backgrounds.  Thank you for considering this impactful and exciting opportunity.

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