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RazerLift - automated roof rack cargo solutions

About RazerLift Products Ltd.


RazerLift Products Ltd. (RazerLift) is a start-up company based out of Calgary, Alberta, that produces the ‘RazerLift’; an automated cargo roof rack system that eliminates the need for climbing or overhead lifting to vehicle roof racks. By eliminating overhead lifting, the patented RazerLift provides both workers and recreational users a safe way of loading and unloading cargo.


The company has reached several milestones on their journey to commercialization. To date they have:


Raised seed capital
A patented design in 8 countries covering North America, Europe and Asia
Built prototypes and completed their Gen 1 model production run
Gained market traction including initial sales and repeat sales
Received an independent endorsement from the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics
For more information, please visit their website at www.razerlift.ca

Position Description

Chief Operating Officer / Co-Founder


Reports to:                   President & CEO

Direct Reports:            none at this time

Total employees:        <10

Location:                     Calgary, Alberta


The Mandate

Razerlift is seeking an organized, approachable, multi-tasking Chief Operating Officer (COO) to join their start-up stage, fast paced organization.  Reporting to the President & CEO, the Chief Operations Officer is responsible for the supervision, direction, and coordination of the day-to-day operations of the organization.

As Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, you will be establishing the development and operational execution for the company, starting with the next generation RazerLift unit, Gen 2.


When you join RazerLift, you will be pivotal to building a game-plan for our base model Gen 1 and the new Gen 2 design You will source contract manufacturing services and oversee supply chain to meet the needs and demands of the business.  Whether your background is manufacturing, mechanical or product design, or supply chain management, you will bring a fresh perspective to find the most efficient and cost-effective method to fabricate and assemble the next design production run and lead the operations to execute the plan.



Role & Responsibilities:

As a start-up company, all roles, including the COO, typically wear quite a few different hats. You must have a particular set of skills and traits to lead the company’s operational execution in a way that results in profitable growth. Here are some (but not all) of the things you will be responsible for:


·       Overseeing engineering design of Gen 2, as it relates to the final market product, shipping & logistics, assembly, BOM costs, and supply chain.

·       Building an operations team including screening, interviewing, and hiring.

·       Continually promoting good teamwork across the company and ensuring communication is strong between all staff and management.

·       Working closely with the co-founders / management to organize and supervise all aspects of the organization and to develop and implement short and long-range plans.

·       Developing and implementing cost effective policies and procedures that are suitable for the stage of the business.

·       Overseeing the Accounting Department while working to maximize income and control costs.

·       Resolving problems, both administrative and operational (including customer service, technical issues, product development, shipping & logistics) and ensuring compliance with regulations and standards.

·       Responding to complaints and queries from clients and staff.

·       Managing relationships with external suppliers and external agencies.


First Year Success Measures:

·       You will have secured manufacturing arrangements that help the company meet their quality and margin targets.

·       You will have integrated yourself into the business and built relationships of trust with the management team, staff, vendors and customers.

·       Delivery dates and all other scheduled obligations have been met.



·       Be a key leader in taking this revolutionary product to market.

·       An opportunity to have some skin-in-the-game, where your success is tied to the success of the company.

·       Play an integral part in creating an amazing place to work with a culture that supports open interaction, fun and the odd nerf gun fight.

·       Mistakes are acceptable but ego is not.


Candidate Profile

Start-up companies are not for the faint of heart.  To be successful in this role you will have to identify yourself as:

·       A sponge for information and always enquiring and challenging tough topics, constantly exploring, looking for new ideas, technologies, and tools. Your favourite question is ‘why?’.

·       Someone who leads by example, and often rolls up the sleeves to demonstrate and help when needed.

·       A generalist with breadth and depth, that understands that several hats are often worn in a start-up venture and knows what needs to get done and finds a way to do it.

·       Mechanically inclined, and understand basic knowledge of mechanical design, electrical and / or electronic equipment.

·       A connector who enjoys meeting new people and building a community. More importantly, you like to connect the dots, putting people together who mutually benefit from shared skills, ideas, and perspectives.


Skills and Experience:

·       10+ years in a leadership or start-up capacity of a hardware manufacturing company in design, engineering, manufacturing, or assembly.

·       Experience with supply chain management, operations, assembly, manufacturing, lean manufacturing and/or six sigma is an asset.

·       Experience in an environment where you’ve had a high dependency on performance.

·       Knowledge of Human Resource standards and processes.

·       Excellent communication and multi-tasking abilities.

·       A critical thinker with strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills.



·       An entrepreneur at heart that is not risk averse.

·       Adaptable, coachable, and open to ideas and even criticism (usually more from clients and investors than teammates!).

·       You have a deep passion to do what you love, and this is what you love.

·       An outgoing personality and ability to build relationships.

·       Diverse with your network and your humble approach and compelling nature allows you to sweep people into your mission along the way.



·       A competitive compensation package suited to the individual will be provided.

·       Salaries and incentives are built around your ability to success and influence growth in the company.

·       Investment in the company is encouraged but not necessary.


Privacy & Confidentiality

We respect the privacy and the confidentiality of the personal information provided to us in the context of our executive search assignments. This has been a fundamental value in building trust with both our candidates and clients.  In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act we have adopted Privacy Principles relating to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in conjunction with our executive search assignments, which have been agreed to by our client.  These principles are available upon request.

By providing us with a copy of your resume and any subsequent personal information directly or from third parties on your behalf such as references, you understand that it has been furnished with your consent for the purpose of possible disclosure to our client, who has agreed to comply with our Privacy Policy. We will not disclose your personal information to any other client without your prior knowledge and consent.

Thank you for considering this important opportunity.  This document is intended to provide the reader with information and is not a contractual document.  Some of the material therefore may be subject to change.  Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.


To apply for this job email your details to greg@fifthring.ca