Our network of over 840 alumni companies have been making big waves in the Canadian cleantech ecosystem. Since May, they’ve been expanding into new markets, closing $38 million in successful raises, winning big awards, and finding new, exciting partnerships. 

As our companies grow and scale, they are deploying climate solutions, supporting the transition to a green economy, and driving Canada toward a net zero future.

Here are a few of the highlights:



New Projects

If our alumni can accomplish all this in just a few months, imagine what they can do in one year, five years, or 10 years. We’re so proud to see our companies growing and thriving, paving the way for Canada to reach net zero. 

Stay tuned for more stories about how our alumni are leaving their mark on the Canadian cleantech ecosystem. To submit your story, reach out to [email protected]

Written By:

Tyler Klinkhammer

Tyler Klinkhammer is a communications specialist with a background in community journalism as a reporter and editor, giving him a wide variety of experience. Tyler brings a passion for storytelling, environmentalism and keen curiosity about the cleantech industry to his role as a Content Manager at Foresight Canada.

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