It’s graduation day for our winter Acceleration program graduates. Join us on April 20th for Demo Day to get a first hand look at the next generation of cleantech solutions our entrepreneurs are bringing to market. 

Discover innovations, connect with the change-makers of tomorrow, and learn more about the technologies that will help Canada reach its goal of a net zero economy in a series of pitches from our Acceleration grads. 

Meet the Graduates:

From British Columbia:

  • Deformance Design Labs – Manufacturing technology that enables the automated prefabrication of eco-friendly customized building products
  • Ladybug Robotics – Low-cost autonomous vineyard robots
  • Novion – End-to-end GRI Asset Management Platform that collects, analyzes, and integrates all GRI sensor data in a centralized platform
  • Out & About – Active and electric assisted transport for individuals and cargo
  • Scootility – Utility electric scooter with ample cargo capacity
  • Swiss Vault – Energy and space efficient data storage systems
  • Tait Labs – Sustainable ingredient developer for the food and beverage, dietary supplement, and pharmaceutical industries

From the Prairies:

  • AI Shading – AI for window shading to improve energy efficiency
  • Baie Minerals – Responsible mine site reclamation and resource extraction/mineral development
  • Derecho Energy Storage – Innovative, low cost, earth based technologies for long duration energy storage
  • Drift Resources Technologies – Sustainable, zero-waste oilsands extraction
  • Hyon Software – Circular economy for office assets
  • Lily Pad Solar – Simple and cost effective vertical solar tracking, suitable for northern climates

From Eastern Canada:

  • Boreal Greens Co. – Automated robotic harvesting for vertical farming
  • Permalution – Fog water harvesting technology
  • – Automated indoor waste and recycling collection for large property management companies

Join us for Demo Day

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