Foresight’s new SDG Connect Challenge is connecting a leading South African mining company with made-in-Canada cleantech solutions. Exxaro Resources recognizes the need to understand the carbon intensity of its operations. Understanding the source of emissions in their processes will enable Exxaro to identify where changes can be made and how they can contribute to combating climate change. 

For details about requirements and eligibility see the Exxaro Challenge web page.

Join Foresight’s free info webinar on November 8 to explore the Exxaro Challenge and potential fit for your cleantech solution. A representative from Exxaro will explain their needs and answer questions. The Challenge is open to Canadian-owned companies or those with primary operations in Canada.  


Foresight Canada is working with the Trade Commissioner Service of Canada in South Africa  to deliver this SDG Connect Challenge. Through this program, Canadian cleantech solutions and technology providers are connected with a key local company in South Africa, Exxaro, to help address a major sustainability challenge.

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Michelle Zazulak

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