Featured Image: The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change speaking at the Globe 2020 Cluster Announcement event Feb 11, 2020

THE SHIFT: A Three Part Series on the CORE Cleantech Cluster

Part 2 – Rising to the Challenge: The Vision & Goals of the CORE Cleantech Cluster

The CORE Cleantech Cluster is the energizing force that drives us as a region toward a globally recognized, thriving cleantech sector and that is able to capture a significant share of a $2.5 trillion dollar export market.

Here is the vision:

CORE Cleantech Cluster will have a global reputation as a launchpad for parpidly building and scaling clean technology companies that address climate change while also meeting business imperatives, creating jobs and attracting investments to the region.

Goal 1 – Put BC Cleantech on the Global Map

To attract international investment, customers and service providers by putting BC/Canadian cleantech on the global map.

Let’s be bold – the CORE Cleantech cluster is about thinking big and making BC and Canada the place to go for clean technologies. That means developing programs and telling stories that 1) attract international investment into our cleantech SMEs, 2) help cleantech companies find and close customers and develop strategic markets, either locally, nationally or internationally, and 3) close innovation gaps that are preventing the rapid adoption of cleantech solutions.

Goal 2 – Cohesive Marketing & Strategic Export

To position BC as a leader in export of clean technologies through a cohesive marketing and strategic export strategy

Local adoption of cleantech solutions is important, and a place where many startups are focused on. However, to truly be a global player and take part in the upcoming $2.5 trillion dollar cleantech economy, BC must become a cleantech export powerhouse in strategic markets. Not every cleantech solution developed in BC will be suitable for every market – what technologies are suited for what markets and how do we get the message out to the right global player at the right time?

Developing and then leveraging a cohesive marketing and export strategy based on the strengths of BC’s cleantech sector helps build the entire sector, and attracts wealth and investment into the region (resulting in more high value quality jobs and a strong economy).

Goal 3 – Cleantech Innovation & Commercialization

To support BC cleantech companies to be venture and scale ready through tailored programming, and to become a global centre for best practices in cleantech innovation and commercialization

This goal is also pretty simple – we want BC to be known as the best place to go to start and/or scale up a cleantech company. This means that we all have to be on board and rowing toward the same goal – which is to have all the stakeholders in the cluster (The 5 Helix Model – SMEs, Industry, Academia, Investors, Government) working together to develop the world’s best innovation and commercialization infrastructure for cleantech.

Goal 4 – Increasing Adoption

To increase the pace of adoption of cleantech solutions and to support CleanBC and the Pan-Canadian Framework on Climate Change through knowledge exchanges, networking and information sharing

This goal focuses on how cleantech solutions get adopted into industry. Yes, we will be developing an export market, but we also have specific climate-related mandates on both a federal and provincial level. This will require innovation on multiple fronts – in some cases our local industries will have to change how they do things (operational models), or what technologies they use (tech validation, training, scaling, re-engineering), or even their business models (as they move toward a zero carbon, circular style model). This goal is about breaking down silos, sharing information and knowledge, and building networks of cooperation and action.

Moving Forward: The CORE Cleantech Cluster Framework and Draft Recommendations

See Part 3 of this series “Moving Forward: The CORE Cleantech Cluster Framework and Draft Recommendations” for a bit deeper dive into the early-stage formation of the CORE Cleantech.