Foresight is an inclusive community of thought-leaders, innovators, and changemakers. We are proud to recognize #womenleadingcleantech, drawing attention to the pioneering leaders who are championing a green economy across Canada. 

“Inclusive collaboration across teams, organizations, and regions is a critical success factor to large-scale transformation.  Supporting the women in our community, we shine a light on the important and transformative work they are doing to shape the future of cleantech.” – Jeanette Jackson, CEO.

Leading up to and in support of EDC’s Women in Cleantech event, hosted during Cleantech Week (details to come), Foresight will be highlighting pioneering women from across our community. 

Get Involved

We encourage you to join us in amplifying the diverse voices that are shaping the future of cleantech:

  • Tag the women in your cleantech network and bring attention to other #womenleadingcleantech (you can use the graphics listed here →)
  • Spread the word; share & show-up with likes online
  • Attend EDC’s Women in Cleantech Panel (details to come)

Did you know? Half of startups have no women on their leadership team!

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Our Community 

Chengying ‘Arlene’ Ai, CEO, Momentum Materials
Julie Angus, CEO, Open Ocean Robotics
Myra Ayre, Director of Finance & Operation, Clir
Shannon Bard, Foresight EiR
Lorraine Becker, Foresight EiR
Susan Blanchet, CEO, Origen Air
Sara Blenkhorn, CEO, Leverage Lab 
Aman Chahal, Founder, Cleantecher
Andrea Crook, President, Optiseis Solutions
Claire Dixon, Foresight EiR
Simone Dive, Director of Product, Clir
Kerri Fox, CFO, Carbon Engineering 
Jennae Gedeon, CEO, Eco Eats
Amanda Hall, CEO, Summit Nanotech
Karen Hamburg, Vice President, External Affairs and Sustainability, Westport Fuel Systems
Valerie Henderson, Foresight EiR
Heather Herring, Foresight EiR
Cathline James, CEO, Wise Bites
Aki  Kaltenbach, CEO, Save Da Sea
Brandy Kinkead, CEO, InnVtek
Susan Koch, COO, Carbon Engineering 
Kelly Krahulic, CTO, Summit Nanotech
Marnie Lett, CEO, Acterra Tech Ltd
Tamara Loiselle, CEO, Synergraze
Beth Loughney, Foresight EiR
Jen Lussier, Foresight EiR
Alina Martin, CEO, The Harvest Hub
Gia Mattu,CEO, Aqualit
Melanie McClare, CEO, Swirltex
Katie McGoff, CTO, Metl Software
Krystine McInnes, CEO, Grown Here Farms
Beatriz Molero Sanchez, CEO, SeeO2 Energy
Sarah Morgan, CEO, Nano-Lit
Ayissi Nyemba, CEO, Emkao Foods Inc
Elisabeth Paul, Foresight EiR
Elena Popovici, Foresight EiR
Grace Quan, CEO, Hydrogen In Motion
Erin Quon, Global Manager of Customer Success, Clir
Sumreen Rattan, Co-Founder, Moment Energy
Dana Remnarine, Foresight EiR
Julie Katerine Rodriguez, Director of Engineering, Steeper
Anthea Sargeaunt, CEO, 2S Water
Bri Sebastian, CTO, InnVtek
Judith Stewart, President, TF Massif
Alison Thompson, CEO, Borealis Geopower
Louisa Thue, CTO, Clir 
Janice Tran, CEO, Kanin Energy
Jeanine Vany, CTO, Eavor
Juvarya Veltkamp, CCLI
Jessica Verhagen, COO, Hydra Energy 
Jennifer Wagner, CEO, CarbonCure
Lisa Wolfe, Foresight EiR
Jenny Yang, Board Member, Clir