Housing and the built environment are not only critical to the health, safety and livability of the province but also play a significant role in meeting Canada’s Climate Change goals.

The built environment includes the public and private infrastructure in the province: housing, culture, recreation and sports facilities: office buildings, industrial facilities, roads and bridges.

Read this newly released report for a snapshot of roadmaps, guidance, standards and building codes in use in the built environment sector in BC.

About the Roadmap Landscape Series

CORE Cleantech Cluster and Foresight are producing a series of roadmap landscapes in the six sectors of CORE’s focus. The intent is to provide a snapshot of the roadmaps that exist in each, and how they are being used.

The report also provides a strategic overview of the path to the targets for 2030-2050, and identifies areas where the industry would benefit from further support in order to achieve the targets.


  • Introduction
  • The Roadmap Matrix
  • Observations
  • Recommendations