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Forklift Challenge

Partner: FPInnovations
Facilitator: Delphi Group & Tessellate Inc.

The Issue: Driving forklifts and forklift-human interfaces are a high-risk area in production facilities. Removing employees from those tasks and production areas could drastically reduce staff exposure to hazards and improve facility safety performance. The Challenge will directly impact over 50 forklifts within the Challenge Partner’s facilities and over 200+ forklifts could be impacted within the larger scope of applications.

The Challenge: To provide an Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV) Solution for picking finished packages of wood panel products off the end of the packaging line and placing them in the appropriate inventory location, while increasing safety and maximizing labour productivity and efficiency for the facility operators.

Submission Deadline: September 25, 2019

Briefing Webinar: August 21st, 2019 & September 11th, 2019


Launch Clean Tech program Launch Clean Tech program

On behalf of FP Innovations and Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre, welcome to the Autonomous Forklift Challenge submission portal. Over the last few months, all partners in this project have worked together to outline an opportunity that will have a major impact in the forestry sector, with the opportunity to scale up into other sectors as well.

We are excited to see your submissions come in. To get started, please review the details required in each of the three sections, prepare your responses and submit your proposal as outlined.


Applications now closed. If you are interested in our upcoming cohort, please contact us.