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What every CEO needs to know about brand, marketing and communication

If you’re a CEO or Executive team member of an emerging or growth company, you need to make smart marketing decisions. You may have groundbreaking technology and an amazing team, but if don’t know how to tell and share the story of your company, success will be elusive and you will struggle to stand out in today’s saturated communications landscape.

This training program is geared to founder CEO and Executive team members, and delivers programming focused on the brand strategy, communications and marketing needed to accelerate growth.

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Tony Dhaliwal
Program Manager


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Day 1 – Minimum Viable Branding & Strategic Messaging

  • What is brand and how is it critical to your success?
  • Creating your brand platform
  • Uncover your brand value proposition
  • Choice drivers: why customers buy
  • Optimize market positioning – cutting through the noise to be heard by your customers
  • Best practices for establishing your buyer personas
  • How to communicate with economic, technical, and user buyers
  • Key messaging is the foundation for success across channels

Day 2 – Channel Strategy

  • Mapping your customer journey
  • Selecting your primary channels – where are the eyeballs that you want?
  • Thinking cross channel instead of in silos – how to build a consistent, measurable strategy that you can fine tune based on data.
  • Best practices for success in key channels (i.e. SEO, PR, social, mobile, etc.)
  • The Bullseye Framework for traction channels

Day 3 – Marketing Operations & Execution

  • Pragmatic Marketing Framework
  • Agile Marketing
  • Hiring considerations
  • What resources need to be in place (talent, dollars, tech)?
  • What work should you tackle first?
  • What do you need to think about and budget for as you grow?
  • Defining and managing your funnel
  • Planning for your martech stack


Cohort Dates: November 7, 14 & 21

Deadline to Apply: October 30, 2019

Location: Foresight Offices

Don’t get left behind or start thinking about marketing too late in the game. This program will guide you through everything you need to have in place to leapfrog over your competition and come out of the gate running.

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Applications now closed. If you are interested in our upcoming cohort, please contact us.