Clusters: A Model Built to Succeed

Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We need a model of collaboration for clean technology stakeholders that accelerates the major institutional, industrial and technological change required to achieve both climate goals and shared economic prosperity in the long-term, across Canada. This type of activity happens best when a “cluster” of interconnected businesses both cooperates and competes – often referred to as “co-opetition”.

Foresight has embraced this cluster model and takes a collaborative approach to ecosystem building by province, recognizing the key innovation partners, economic drivers, and industrial strengths to accelerate innovation.

Supporting Entrepreneurs Across Canada

Foresight is pleased to present a number of upcoming events, cohort start dates, and initiatives across Canada. Learn more about what’s happening in your area.

British Columbia

In September 2019, Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre embarked on a 6-month Cleantech Cluster Initiative for the province of British Columbia.

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Founded in 2011 to position Alberta as a global leader in cleantech, the Alberta Clean Technology Industry Alliance (ACTia) is the sector’s leading voice.

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Foresight is pleased to support the growth of cleantech through our partners in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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Foresight supports the growth of cleantech in Ontario through Acceleration programs, events, and Industry Challenges.

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Foresight works with partners and ventures in Quebec to accelerate the growth of cleantech.

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Foresight is accelerating the growth of cleantech in the Maritimes by supporting ventures and collaborating with partners.

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Foresight is pleased to work with a network of cleantech partners from coast to coast.

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