Energizing cleantech innovation in the energy sector

Brought to you by Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre in partnership with Eunike Ventures.

energyNEXT is an innovation network that brings together key players in the energy ecosystem – innovators, investors, industry, academia, and government – to explore sector-specific issues and opportunities. By building a community of engaged stakeholders focused on cleantech solutions, energyNEXT offers members access to the world’s best experts, events, knowledge, industry challenges, and global opportunities.

energyNEXT is focused on helping players in the energy sector – primarily companies involved in the exploration and development of oil or gas reserves, oil and gas drilling, and refining – meet urgent climate goals.

This new open innovation model of ‘Realizing the Entrepreneurial Spirit’ focuses on entrepreneurs, energy companies, paid pilots, and smart capital, which has included backing from large industry players such as Equinor, Hess, TechnipFMC, and Anadarko.


Advancing Clean Economy Solutions

energyNEXT helps the energy industry seize opportunities in a range of technology areas including:

  • Low Carbon Solutions
    • Neutralization and negative CO2 solutions
    • Carbon and methane management
    • Carbon capture utilization and storage
  • Energy Transition
    • Energy transportation & storage
    • Hydrogen
    • Electrification
    • Renewables
  • Emerging Materials and Processes
    • Advanced manufacturing and materials
    • Nano materials & composites
    • Green chemicals
    • Waste management
  • Autonomous Solutions
    • Robotics, droves, wireless connection
    • Novel & ubiquitous sensors
    • Augmented reality-driven visualization
    • Ultra low cost – novel facilities
  • Digital/Data 2 Value
    • Faster hydrocarbon maturation cycle
    • Asset optimization-operational excellence
    • Forewarning in flow assurance
    • AI solutions in safety
  • Quantum Leap in Productivity
    • Novel enhanced recovery
    • Leap improvement – field development
    • Real-time optimization of completion design & treatment

Support from Proven Programs

  • Foresight’s accelerator programs offer modules that guide you through various stages of venture growth, and support from experienced Executives in Residence.
  • Eunike’s Radar program prepares startups for Industry Pitch Day.
  • Eunike’s Aviator program provides introductions between startups and industry players to facilitate pilot projects.

Technology Open Call Schedule

This program runs from 2021-2022 with 3 cohorts and a rolling intake.

March-April Intake:

  1. Application: March-April
  2. Screening-Shortlist: May
  3. Industry Pitch Day: June
  4. VC Pitch Day: August

August Intake:

  1. Application: August
  2. Screening-Shortlist: September
  3. Industry Pitch Day: October
  4. VC Pitch Day: December

October Intake:

  1. Application: October
  2. Screening-Shortlist: December
  3. Industry Pitch Day: February
  4. VC Pitch Day: April

1st Cohort: Apply by April 30th, 2021.



GHG’s resulting from intensity of processes to extract oil and gas put the sector as one of the highest emitters of carbon in Canada.



Join venture acceleration training, explore pilot opportunities, pitch innovation needs, or discover investment opportunities.

A New Approach to Innovation

energyNEXT is the first of its kind to be organized on a platform with key energy players around the globe. Activity is focused on accelerating the growth and adoption of cleantech solutions through 4 steps.

  • Knowledge infusion

    Cleantech ventures get access to tools to create a Technology Roadmap. A network of highly experienced mentors will help you match your MVP with a viable business model.

  • Tailoring your business case

    Develop your venture through access to significant hands-on technical and management guidance.

  • Access to pilots

    Test the viability of your solution and gain valuable connections through deployment pilots with local and international energy partners.

  • Facilitate adoption and commercialization

    Pilot partners become early paying customers and may choose to invest directly in portfolio companies. Access to venture capital opportunities may also be available.



We welcome the opportunity to partner with Eunike Ventures, who bring deep connections and expertise in the New Energy economy. We are confident that by working together, we can move the dial with cleantech solutions in this important sector.

Jeanette Jackson

Foresight CAC

Foresight’s thought leadership and program development, along with co-partnering with industry, is how working together we will extend the runway for startups, increase adoption, and provide the increased global connectivity that is required for true success.

Amy Henry

Eunike Ventures
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