Sprint 3 – Mining Hot Water Production (Cosia)

Partner: Cosia & Alberta Innovates
Facilitator: Delphi and Tessellate

The Issue and Challenge

The Issue: Oil sands mining and extraction processes require commercial scale (1000 – 10,000m3/hr) hot water in the 20-90 °C range. Currently this hot water is produced indirectly through contact with steam produced in natural gas fired boilers, and cogeneration units and waste heat.

The Challenge: COSIA is seeking technologies that can replace or supplement conventional hot water production approaches in either new or existing mining operations without using existing (or new) steam resources for heat exchange purposes. Technologies will result in significant greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions over existing hot water production approaches.

Deadline for final questions: November 30, 2016 –    Submission Deadline: December 16, 2016

Innovation Sprint Finalists

The following 2 companies were chosen from a wide variety of proposals, to participate in the Sprint.

Inproheat – Vancouver BC


Combustion & Energy Systems – Markham ON


Innovation Sprint Winner

Ontario-Based Combustion & Energy Systems selected to advance in the ARCTIC Mining Hot Water Production Challenge.


Please see our news release for more information.

For further information, download the following:

• Challenge Definition & Application Guidelines
• Challenge Definition FAQ
• Reference Document – Material Balance
• Reference Document – Energy Balance

• Webinar Orientation for Innovation Partners

• Webinar Orientation for Innovators – Video / PDF