Sprint 2 – NAL Resources ARO Well Abandonment and Reclamation


Partner: NAL Resources
Facilitator: Delphi and Tessellate

The Issue and Challenge

The Issue: Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) Well Abandonment and Reclamation

The Challenge: What technical solutions can reduce the costs associated with asset retirement obligations (ARO) and associated reclamation and remediation? Today, ARO cost estimates are established by regulators (e.g., Alberta Energy Regulator’s Directive 11). Reducing abandonment costs to equal or lower than the scheduled costs would provide incentive to the industry to more proactively reduce these liabilities. The successful technologies will:

  • Be ready for implementation in current ARO programs in Alberta;
  • Be cost competitive with current Alberta Energy Regulator costs for ARO obligations (see Directive 11);
  • Be demonstrable on an NAL production site;
  • Contribute to the reduction of ARO related liabilities and/or the related operating costs associated with reclamation activities.

  Submission Deadline: August 30, 2017

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Innovation Sprint Winner


For further information, download the following:

• NAL Challenge Definition & Application guidelines
• NAL Challenge – FAQ
• Webinar Orientation for Innovation Partners

• Webinar Orientation for Innovators – Video / PDF