Sprint 6 – Natural Gas Decarbonization (Cosia)

Partner: Cosia
Facilitator: Tessellate Inc. & Delphi Group

The Issue and Challenge

The Issue: Natural Gas Decarbonization: What technical solutions produce a carbon-lean combustion fuel with lower GHG intensity and a valuable carbon-rich by-product?

The Challenge: Natural gas is used in oil sands operations as a fuel source for power generation, heating applications, and hydrogen source for bitumen upgrading. COSIA is seeking solutions that can reduce (or remove) carbon from natural gas to provide:

1) a carbon-lean (or depleted) combustion fuel with a lower greenhouse gas (“GHG”) intensity compared to natural gas; and,

2) a valuable carbon-rich or carbon black by-product. This by-product will provide economic and environmental value to users of the solution. Solutions must reduce overall GHG emissions reductions compared to the current natural gas combustion approach.

Submission Deadline: January 15, 2018

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