Connecting to Global Markets

Foresight’s international programs include investor-focused matchmaking events, industry-focused research and strategy development, targeted Challenge programs connecting Canadian cleantech innovators with international partners, and custom innovation acceleration programs.


  • Increase global deal flow and source Canadian IP to meet your ESG targets
  • Understand the current Canadian innovation landscape
  • Build connections with US, European, and international companies
  • Signal your investment priorities to Canada’s research and development experts in government and academia

International Highlights

Our global programs take a proactive and coordinated approach to leverage regional and technological strengths into real business opportunities.

Investor Matchmaking

Foresight leads strategic engagement and investor matchmaking activities in partnership with Canada’s Trade Commission Service, leveraging our network of cleantech innovators and investors to drive innovation and make deals happen.

Emerging Market Strategies

Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) is a significant opportunity for Canadian cleantech companies. Foresight is leading an industry engagement and strategic planning initiative focused on expanding global market access for Canadian CCUS companies.

Sustainable Development Goals

International companies are looking to Canadian cleantech to help them achieve their sustainable development goals. Foresight’s unique SDG Connect open innovation program is a step-by-step process to source solutions and launch partnerships that align with global sustainability plans.

Bioeconomy Opportunities

As Canada transitions to a bioeconomy, it is looking for answers on how to transform industry toward bioproduct manufacturing that captures the full value of our natural resources. Foresight is driving this vision forward with industry engagement, research, and strategic planning activities.

Two engineers are conducting outdoor inspection of solar photovoltaic panels

March 22, 2021

Export Development

Canada is a cleantech leader in a world that is crying out for sustainable, low-carbon solutions. Opportunities abound for Canadian companies that can find the right deals in the right markets. Find out how Foresight’s export development programs can help you bring your cleantech solutions to the world.

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March 22, 2021

Attracting Investors

With global market access, rich natural resources, highly skilled talent, a world-class R&D ecosystem, transportation infrastructure, and commitment to climate change leadership, Canada is an investment hotspot for cleantech. Find out why world-leading companies are investing in Canadian cleantech and how you can, too.

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March 22, 2021


To meet Canada’s climate goals, new technologies need to be developed and deployed at scale. Policy and legislation can be a key driver of this transition. Gather feedback and intelligence on the rapidly evolving cleantech landscape, engage and support the community of innovators in your region and globally. Find out how Foresight’s programs support cleantech policies and targets from all levels of government, and accelerate the clean solutions needed to meet Canada’s Net Zero 2050 goals.

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