We’ve gone across the country and back again on our Cleantech Coast to Coast Road Trip, exploring some of Canada’s most vibrant metropolitan tech hubs, and the more quiet pockets of innovation. 

Canada is home to sweeping prairie vistas, towering mountain ranges, dense forests, and a wealth of talented cleantech innovators paving the way to a net zero future. There’s no question the natural beauty of our environment inspires Canadian entrepreneurs to dedicate their lives to finding sustainable solutions for our most urgent climate challenges.

But innovation can’t exist in a vacuum. Behind all the groundbreaking innovators we profiled in this series is an Acceleration program that helped shape leadership teams, define target markets, and prepare to scale and export. Programs like Foresight Canada and Climate Ventures’ Accelerate from Anywhere (AfA) support Canadian ventures at every stage of their journey, from ideation through commercialization. 

If you followed along with us on our Cleantech Coast to Coast Road Trip, you will recognize some of these ventures, but in case you missed it here’s a recap of some of the amazing innovators Foresight and Climate Ventures have supported through AfA.

Meet Our Game-Changing Innovators

  • 3F Waste Recovery (NFL) is transforming landfill-bound byproducts from the fish, forestry, and farming industries into valuable, marketable products. Read full profile
  • BF Innovations (ON) has developed robotic farm helpers that enable commercial vegetable‌ growers to reduce labour, manage data, and increase profits in a sustainable, more efficient way. Read full profile
  • CarbonGraph’s (ON) platform enables companies to calculate the carbon footprint of their products. From raw materials and energy, to shipping, disposal, and reuse, CarbonGraph creates full transparency of the lifecycle of a product. Read full profile
  • Curb the Rain (ON) is helping municipalities improve their stormwater management systems, reduce the costs associated with repairing infrastructure, and reduce disruption to residents with their innovative, permeable curb design made from recycled, sustainable materials. Read full profile
  • Digital Carbon Bank (AB) is a blockchain-based carbon offset provider that ties cryptocurrency to carbon emission offset solutions. By hosting a marketplace-style platform, SMEs, Indigenous, and nonprofit organizations can access investment for environmentally beneficial projects. Read full profile
  • Econse (ON) has developed compact, chemical-free advanced purification technology to improve and reuse wastewater, providing decentralized, turnkey water treatment options for water intensive industries like food and beverage, agriculture, disinfection, cannabis, and more. Read full profile
  • Haze Automotive (ON) is making carbon fibre technology more accessible for electric vehicle producers at a fraction of the traditional cost by using advanced manufacturing techniques. Read full profile
  • Hyon Software Inc. (SK) helps companies meet their sustainability goals by finding secondary markets for physical assets, ensuring valuable resources avoid the landfill. Read full profile
  • Jeosal Materials Research Corporation (ON) has developed a novel, energy efficient, ecologically sustainable solution for the recycling and reuse of fibre-reinforced plastics. Read full profile
  • Permalution (QC) has created a unique fog-water harvesting technology that allows them to capture hundreds of litres of water from horizontal precipitation each day, providing a novel source of water in drought-prone regions. Read full profile
  • Pulsenics (ON) has developed a plug-and-play technology that monitors complex electrochemical systems and responds to real time data, creating efficiencies and reducing energy waste. Read full profile
  • Reusables (BC) is combating packaging waste and the devastating impact it has on the environment but offering a zero-waste container sharing platform that works via a low-cost monthly membership subscription. Read full profile
  • Suwab Water Systems (SK) gives treatment operations a clear understanding of highly concentrated contaminants, and eco-friendly and cost-effective treatment approaches to maximize removal. Read full profile
  • Tradle (BC) has created an easy way for parents to receive, outgrow, and exchange clothes, through a subscription-based service that allows users to curate a custom selection of clothing from a library of sustainable brands for their young children. Read full profile
  • Up Pet (BC) is embracing the circular economy model, by using reclaimed fabrics from the deadstock in thrift stores to create beds, clothing, and other useful products for pets. Read full profile

Want to Accelerate Your Venture?

Foresight Canada and Climate Ventures’ Accelerate from Anywhere program has provided these and many other ventures with the practical skills, knowledge, and expertise needed to grow and achieve market readiness. 

Accelerate from Anywhere offers programs to help Canadian ventures at every stage of their journey, from ideation through to commercialization. Learn more about how Accelerate from Anywhere can help you grow your business.

Accelerate from Anywhere is a joint program of Climate Ventures and Foresight Canada, and is made possible by RBC Foundation, the Peter Gilgan Foundation, and Bullfrog Power.

More Innovator Profiles

Looking for more stories about inspiring Canadian innovators? Subscribe to our Cleantech Forward podcast and hear more about how entrepreneurs like these are accelerating Canada’s path to net zero. Catch Tatiana Estevez Carlucci, CEO of Permalution, Sean Hazaray, CEO of Haze Automotive, and Mariam Awara, COO of Pulsenics, on the Cleantech Forward podcast this August. 

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