The team at Foresight is energetic, committed… and full of opinions. Here’s a look back at some of the “Foresight Insights” posts we shared in 2021 by guest authors from across our organization.

Jeanette Jackson on our Helix 5 model of stakeholder engagement, reflections from COP26, and the danger of Earth Day platitudes.

David Sanguinetti on hydrogen opportunities in BC: “For the medium and long term, green hydrogen is a better bet for BC.”

Elizabeth Thorsen on extreme weather: “We need to act fast to ensure a liveable planet in our lifetime. It’s not about leaving a better planet for the future anymore, it’s about making sure we have air to breathe now.”

Stephen Wilson on the importance of supporting scaleups: “After focusing on early-stage startups for several years, we identified another need: helping cleantech companies scale. If you’re building a skyscraper that will tower above others and be visible from far away, you need a solid foundation.”

Michelle Pavlik (Zazulak) on climate anxiety: “I have learned to love my Climate Anxiety. To take back my power from it. To use that power to be better. And doing so has enriched my life.”

Tony Dhaliwal on remote work: “You can never send too many summary emails outlining key documents and links. I always try to put myself in other people’s position to understand what they will require leading up to a meeting.”

Alyssa Kelly on the value of industry challenges: “Now, as countries begin to reopen, can we keep some of these remote work changes to lower our carbon footprint?”

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