Building Powerful CleantechNetworks

Collaboration, innovation, and adoption are required to collectively tackle the climate crisis. We have built powerful sector networks made up of companies, experts, and investors, all working together on commercializing innovation and driving progress toward climate goals.

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We Work to Advance the Adoption of Cleantech and Achieve Net Zero

Our economies must transform to reduce the human impact on climate change while fostering economic growth and diversification. Our NEXT networks focus on rallying ecosystems around the development and adoption of cleantech solutions needed within specific sectors.

Who We Support


Helping solution providers on the path to commercialization and adoption with access to targeted pilot opportunities, funders, and industry expertise.


Gain access to our network of ventures, innovation scouting through public or private channels, running pilot programs, and access to curated research.


Utilize Foresight’s domestic and international innovation networks to proactively identify, source, and curate relevant technology deal flow.


Validate and ground your research with end-user needs by connecting directly with industry and taking the next step in moving your IP out of incubators.


Position Canada as a leader by leveraging ecosystems of aligned funders and investors, pilot partners, technology providers, test bed sites, and industry customers.

Ecosystem Members

Take advantage of the power of networking through peer, expert, and industry connections, insights, external marketing opportunities, and sector-specific events.

Ventures To Value Chains

This is an initiative that leverages data from technology companies and other key stakeholders to map, categorize, and analyze strategically important industry value chains for Canada in the clean economy. 

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While united under a common goal, each sectoral network has different strategic priorities, all aimed at getting  to net zero as quickly as possible.


Reduce GHG emissions in the Canadian agrifood sector by 50% by 2030.

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Drive value chain transformation that increases revenue per sustainable yield by 25%.

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Ensure 40% of all building stock in Canada is net zero by 2030.

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Catalyze the advancement of carbon management solutions that will reduce 100 MT of GHG emissions by 2030.

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Accelerate a pathway to 90% renewable and clean power in Canada by 2030.

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Achieve less than 10% municipal and industrial water loss by 2033.

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