Foresight Canada and waterNEXT are pleased to be hosting the Canadian Water Innovation Spotlight event on June 7 at BlueTech Forum, supported in part by funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP). Twenty leading water tech companies from across the country will be showcasing their innovations, followed by an opportunity to network with other water technology innovators and end users, investors, and engineering firms. 

BlueTech Forum is an annual conference that attracts international attention from senior leaders of industrial water users, utilities, municipalities, technology providers, and academic institutions. It’s the perfect opportunity for Foresight and waterNEXT to showcase the depth of Canadian talent on the world stage. 

Here are the 20 companies that will be showcasing their innovations at the Canadian Water Innovation Spotlight event:

2S Water is working to reduce water contamination in industrial and municipal water treatment facilities by using sensors to provide real-time detection data to operators, reducing lost revenue, machinery maintenance issues, and environmental and health issues.

Acuva Technology’s water purification systems use UV-LED technology to eradicate waterborne diseases safely and efficiently. 

Aqua Intelligent Technology helps municipalities address water-related issues quickly and protect inhabitants from waterborne diseases by monitoring the water journey from source to tap, detecting contaminants in water sources, and identifying operational problems in water treatment utilities.

Axine Water Technologies uses its electrochemical oxidation technology to destroy active pharmaceutical ingredients, PFAS compounds, and other toxic contaminants in industrial wastewater to below detection levels.

Bishop Water Technologies provides a suite of low-energy solutions for solids management and nutrient removal at municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment plants, improving treatment performance and capacity, and extending the life of plant infrastructure. 

Boydel Wastewater Technologies provides an electrochemical treatment process that removes contaminants in industrial wastewater prior to disposal, reducing municipal discharge fees. 

CarboNet is tackling water security issues and accelerating the transition to recycled water by using its proprietary platform to remove contaminants, enhancing industries’ ability to recycle more and dispose of less.  

Fixed Earth Innovations provides microbial expertise and ecological restoration techniques with a focus toward client-driven research into global contaminants like PFAS and organic pollutants, water treatment systems, as well as organic fertilizers to increase and enhance crop resistances.

Forward Water Technologies enables a wide array industrial production such as textile, chemical, and semiconductor processing by reducing the costs associated with wastewater treatment, and enabling reclamation of clean water for reuse.

FREDsense Technologies is helping consumers understand what is in their water by deploying Field Ready Electrochemical Detectors designed to help operators and consultants gain insights into contaminants quickly. 

GRT Environmental Services is a remediation service provider focused on a sustainable approach to contaminated water and soil treatment at Canada’s first land-based Resource Regeneration Plant. 

Lotic Technologies is a designer and manufacturer of water treatment technology that can easily be added to existing treatment processes and treats highly loaded and contaminated waste-waters. 

Novion helps cities become climate resilient by helping them monitor and manage their green assets with sensors and software solutions.

Pani Energy provides tools and an AI platform that give companies the ability to optimize processes to reduce GHG emissions, risk, and operational costs.

RainStick Shower is North America’s first circular shower that saves 80% water and up to 80% energy by capturing, cleaning, and circulating water in real time.

Rogue 7 is a team of industrial automation experts focused on delivering asset optimization through a machine learning-as-a-service business model, and finding efficiencies in distribution networks.

Saltworks Technologies focuses on industrial desalination and lithium refining, and offers a broad range of technologies for brine concentration, industrial water reuse, and recovery of valuable ions (i.e. Li, Ni, Co), lowering total cost of ownership and GHGs for the end user. 

SENTRY offers tools to help make better, more timely decisions about treatment process performance by providing real-time information to the facility operations staff.

SewerVUE Technology is reducing the risk, and financial and environmental damage associated with pipe failures with advanced condition assessment technologies for water and wastewater pipelines. 

Total Containment reduces lost water from municipal pipelines by mitigating many of the external causes for leaks, like external corrosion and ground movements, and also by incorporating leak detection within the containment liner allowing municipalities to act quickly in the event of a leak.

Foresight’s network may be eligible to attend BlueTech Forum at a discounted rate. For more information, contact waterNEXT director Alan Shapiro, at [email protected].

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