What Gets Measured Gets Managed

The need to understand the carbon intensity of its operations is becoming more critical to ensure Exxaro combats climate change by understanding the origin of emissions. Understanding the source of emissions (and where it enters) in their processes will allow Exxaro to see where improvements can be made, and how they can assist and influence their partners and suppliers to help fight climate change.

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About Exxaro Resources

Exxaro Resources Limited is among the top five coal producers in South Africa. Since 2006, Exxaro has gained a reputation for being the largest black-empowered diversified mining company. 

Exxaro is more than a mining business: they strongly believe in making a positive impact in the world. Their purpose, Power Better Lives in Africa and Beyond, is supported by a Vision: Resources powering a clean world, through responsible investments. Read more about Sustainability.

Exxaro’s asset portfolio comprises interests in thermal and metallurgical coal, and investments in iron ore, residual pigment manufacturing, and renewable energy.


Approach to Sustainability

The company applies a balanced approach to sustainable growth and impact to ensure a secure future for all its stakeholders. Exxaro’s purpose to power better lives in Africa and beyond will be achieved by responsibly investing in resources that will improve and sustain life on the continent. In the last decade, Exxaro has established itself as an organization that is respected by its peers for its innovation, ethics, and integrity. Exxaro has been recognized as a leading performer in the FTSE Russel ESG Index.

Desired Challenge Outcomes

A successful solution for carbon tracing and tracking would include:

  • A holistic view of all carbon emissions within the company (historic, predictive, real time) 
  • A granular view of emissions within operational and/or functional areas
  • Understanding potential to offset carbon emissions 
  • The ability to calculate a reliable carbon intensity 
  • Management of data feed, inputs, integrity, create traceability and auditability of carbon emissions 
  • Ability to expand the solution to optimization (managing Scope 3 emissions, carbon tracking through entire value chain, etc)


Exxaro’s portfolio consists of three main operational areas. In 2020, Exxaro’s emissions (scope 1 and 2) was 1035 kt Co2e. The main sources of these emissions were due to coal-based electricity supply from Eskom and liquid fuels for operational purposes (mostly mobile equipment in the mining operations and their suppliers). 


TRL 3+

Technology maturity level must be at least analytical and experimental critical function and/or characteristic proof of concept (level 3)

Low Impact

No/minimal impact on production during implementation

Technology Agnostic

Must be able to integrate with third party suppliers’ technology as well as Exxaro’s current information

Accessibility from Everywhere

E.g., a cloud-based solution

Exxaro Facilities Offsets

The solution should include and make provision for offset of carbon stemming from own use renewable energy generation facilities at Exxaro’s sites, described above

Tried & Tested Solutions

Risk tolerance in mining firms is quite low, mainly due to health and safety considerations. Tried and tested solutions with proven tangible benefits are preferred

Evaluation & Eligibility

The most important criteria to determine a good potential solution to this Challenge are:

Data Integrity

Data needs to be audited each year

Minimal Human Intervention

Minimal human intervention required after implemented (understanding that there will be teething issues)


Easily scalable to other operations


Solution provider must be a Canadian owned company or have primary operations in Canada

TRL 3+

Technology Readiness Level 3 or higher

Sustainable Development Goals

The SDG Connect program supports achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs addressed by this Challenge are:

  • Climate change (SDG13)
  • Partnerships for the Goals (SDG 17)

Foresight Canada is working with the Trade Commissioner Service of Canada in South Africa to deliver this SDG Connect Challenge. Through this program, Canadian cleantech solutions and technology providers are connected with a key local company in South Africa, Exxaro, to help address a major sustainability challenge.