Hydrogen-Diesel Dual Fuel Technology Innovators!

October 28, 2021

If your cleantech venture is involved in hydrogen-diesel dual fuel (H2DF) solutions, this could be a game-changing opportunity.

If you operate an Alberta-based industrial fleet, this could accelerate adoption of clean energy solutions.

The Alberta H2DF Commercialization Program for Heavy Duty Vehicles

The H2DF Commercialization Program will enable Alberta industrial suppliers to commercialize emerging H2DF technologies for large industrial fleet operators. This pilot project is led by Foresight Canada and the Transition Accelerator with support from Prairies Economic Development Canada

Through guided business plan development, training, and and support from seasoned Executives In Residence, participating industrial manufacturers, suppliers, and technology developers will gain: 

  • The potential opportunity to prototype and hence exploit substantial new business opportunities in the Hydrogen Economy in Alberta
  • Hands-on experience in the business concept development process, from initial concept to ready-to-prototype
  • Tools and ways of thinking to drive new product development and market expansion / diversification for their business
  • First-hand learning about the energy transition and associated commercial opportunities

We are currently recruiting innovators with H2DF solutions and fleet operators who are interested in taking part in a pilot program. Apply here to take part in the H2DF Commercialization Program.

Why H2DF?

Over the past few years, we have seen many Alberta-based companies make commitments to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Achieving the goal of net-zero emissions will require an energy transition from traditional fossil fuel combustion to cleaner energy alternatives. 

The oil and gas industry is leveraging existing technology and assets to produce alternative fuels such as hydrogen to meet society’s increasing demands for transportation of people and goods. Led by talented innovators in the Alberta Industrial Heartland, Canada is strategically positioned to benefit from taking a leadership role in the transition to a net-zero hydrogen economy. H2DF technologies are a first step in piloting and commercialization of innovative technologies demonstrating our commitment to cleaner energy sources.

What are H2DF Technologies? 

Hydrogen for heavy transport is a unique economic opportunity for Alberta. This province has the potential to be the lowest cost “blue” Hydrogen producer in the world, leveraging abundant natural gas, vast CO2 sequestration capacity, and a skilled workforce and supply chain. If successful, Alberta can deliver hydrogen at half the wholesale cost of diesel while addressing one of the fastest-growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada: industrial freight.

The Edmonton Region Hydrogen Hub is becoming the epicentre for low carbon, blue Hydrogen production in Canada and is home to many heavy truck fleet operators focused on reducing their environmental footprint. It is also serviced by many Albertan industrial service and manufacturing companies with deep expertise in oil and gas, giving them the relevant capabilities to build new business lines in the emerging Hydrogen economy.  

Hydrogen-Diesel Dual Fuel  (H2DF) technology is being deployed in Europe and BC, and being developed at the University of Alberta. H2DF can be retrofitted on existing heavy-duty diesel engines at lower incremental cost than fuel cells, and at lower risk to vehicle operators who can continue to use diesel. If adopted by industrial fleets, H2DF can create reliable H2 demand, de-risking the build-out of Hydrogen fueling infrastructure here and everywhere. 

For more information or questions about the program please contact Stephanie Bailey.