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Ep. 3 | Cleantech Forward with Jeanette Jackson and Mike Kelland

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January 26, 2022

Raising capital is one of the hardest things for new ventures to do. This week, Planetary Hydrogen CEO Mike Kelland is the featured guest on Foresight Canada’s Cleantech Forward podcast. Mike pitches his technology to a panel of expert investors:

  • Jason Switzer, director of carbonNEXT
  • Marty Reed of Evok Innovations
  • Carly Anderson of Prime Movers Lab

The investors give Mike feedback on his pitch and discuss what venture capitalists want to see most from entrepreneurs. Don’t miss this inside look on how to approach venture capitalists and secure funding for your company.

Mike Kelland is the CEO of Planetary Hydrogen, a Nova Scotia-based company working to produce hydrogen via the traditional electrolysis of water. Launched in 2019, Planetary Hydrogen is working towards its goal of removing a gigaton of CO2 from the atmosphere annually by 2035.

Foresight’s Acceleration programs can help you get ready for your raising round. 

Learn more about the exciting technology Planetary Hydrogen is working on.

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