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Ep. 22 | Cleantech Forward with Investor Panel and Jordan MacKenzie

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September 28, 2022

On this episode of the Cleantech Forward podcast, Jordan MacKenzie, CEO of Bioform, discuss his plans to disrupt the single-use plastic industry with our panel of expert cleantech investors, Jason Switzer, director of carbonNEXT, Evok Innovations’ Marty Reed, and Pangea Ventures’ Sarah Applebaum. 

Jordan MacKenzie is the CEO of Bioform, a Canadian company seeking to rid the world of single-use plastics by replacing petroleum-based products with their plant-based, fully compostable alternative. Bioform’s core technology was developed at the University of British Columbia during Jordan’s time as a research associate in the Department of Mathematics and Chemical and Biological Engineering. He has over 10 years of research experience in experimental and theoretical fluid mechanics with an emphasis on creating biomaterials from cellulose.

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