Foresight research accelerates Canada's path to net zero

January 16, 2023

Reaching net zero emissions is a big – but critical – task. It’s driving Canada’s climate policies and targets, and it’s the guiding force behind all of our initiatives and programs at Foresight Canada. Our robust research offerings are a key component in helping the Canadian cleantech ecosystem scale the climate solutions needed to reach this ambitious target and establish Canada as a leader on the global transition to a green economy. 

Foresight’s research services provide foundational cleantech sector knowledge for our partners. We collect, analyze, and distill information on cleantech solutions and markets to build our partner’s capacity to accelerate the development and impact of critical cleantech solutions to global climate challenges.

We do this by:

1. Building ecosystems

Foresight studies ecosystems and creates strategies for progressive, collaborative approaches to the development of cleantech economies. Ecosystem mapping and cluster strategies allow partners to identify successes, challenges, strengths, and gaps in regional or sectoral cleantech ecosystems and make informed decisions that support the ecosystem’s growth. 

2. Driving cleantech adoption

Foresight frequently undertakes research projects for our partners to build knowledge around opportunities to increase cleantech adoption in Canada. We provide recommendations to government partners on where policy and funding support is needed to drive industry adoption of cleantech, conduct business opportunity analyses for large industrial players looking to decarbonize through cleantech, and support technology developers in successfully entering markets through roadmapping.

3. Advancing Canada’s international leadership position in cleantech 

Producing a library of information on Canada’s cleantech capabilities and areas of strength helps tell our story as a global cleantech leader, and creates opportunities for international investment and collaboration, as well as sectoral growth. 

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