With Earth Day on the horizon, expect to hear lots of messages from corporate Canada this week about their commitment to meeting climate change targets – and the products and services you should buy to help them meet those targets. But it’s going to take a lot more than catchy Earth Day slogans to solve the urgent challenges our planet faces.

As Canada’s cleantech ecosystem accelerator, Foresight supports the business community’s efforts to meet net-zero emissions targets. Here are 7 ways your organization can lead the transition to a green economy.

  1. Tap innovation from within. Host a hackathon, where employee teams come together to create solutions to your company’s sustainability challenges. Boost motivation by offering prizes and incentives. This is a great way to make the innovation mindset part of your company culture.
  2. Share your innovation needs in a “reverse pitch”. It’s increasingly popular for industry to connect directly with innovators to find solutions to their sustainability challenges. The Clean Resource Innovation Network is currently running a technology competition backed by funding of up to $25 million to generate low-carbon solutions for the oil and gas industry. Project Greenlight features open challenges from public and private enterprises in Greater Vancouver, everything from converting municipal vehicles to electric to large scale leak detection in buildings. An innovation challenge program could deliver game-changing cleantech solutions tailored to your business.
  3. Start a cleantech venture. Got a great idea? A number of accelerator training programs are available to help you validate your idea, identify markets, and build your business. Foresight’s programs are focused on cleantech. The Canadian Accelerator + Incubator Network has a list that spans regions and sectors.
  4. Support a cleantech venture. Raising capital is a priority for most Canadian cleantech companies. Check out startup showcases to spot emerging stars such as Water Tech Talks and the CleanTech Alliance Innovation Showcase.
  5. Do business with a cleantech company. Purchase products from companies who have green solutions. There’s a growing range of choices, from home cleaning products to clothing to furniture.
  6. Collaborate with your community. We can only meet climate targets by working together. Join a group such as the Community of Innovators, a national cleantech network to share ideas and opportunities.
  7. Lead by example. Take more bike rides and fewer plane trips. Invest in green initiatives in your facilities. Give your staff incentives to take transit (subsidized passes), ride a bike (on-site showers), or drive EVs (charging stations).

Let’s make every day Earth Day.

Written By:

Michelle Zazulak

Michelle is an accomplished graphic designer, brand strategist and content creator. Throughout her career, she has worked with government, nonprofits and early-stage companies to discover their brand’s look and feel. She is passionate about developing a strong provincial technology sector and supporting a sustainable future.

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