Join us for a week of discussions, matchmaking, and networking to energize acceleration and adoption of water tech solutions. Powered by Foresight and waterNEXT, Canada’s water cluster.

May 4: Closing the Loop on Water Innovation in Switzerland and Canada

In partnership with Switzerland Global Enterprise, Foresight is hosting a virtual workshop that explores water challenges in Canada and Switzerland, and innovators creating solutions. The event’s goal is to build partnerships between water companies and startups in both countries.


May 5: waterNEXT Industry Matchmaking: Resource Sector

See event features resource sector (energy + mining) organizations outline their water tech gaps or challenges to cleantech innovators. A panel discussion will explore trends in various sectors of Canadian industry. This event will appeal to water tech ventures and innovators, as well as industry players facing water-related sustainability hurdles.


May 6: Innovating Infrastructure: A Pacific Northwest Perspective

Regional water tech is the focus of this event hosted by Foresight and the Seattle CleanTech Alliance. Learn about Canadian solutions for water challenges and opportunities on both sides of the border.


Watch the Foresight blog and social media through the week May 3-7 for our Water Tech Talks series, profiling people and technology making waves in the Canadian water tech space.


Welcome to the waterNEXT Ecosystem Map, a data-driven, searchable map of Canada’s water organizations, companies and solution providers.

The Foresight event allowed us to quickly and easily reach a large number of investors with our pitch.  As a company looking to grow it takes a considerable amount of time to reach out to potential investors.  With Foresight bringing so many investors together it saved us considerable time, and resulted in some key connections that we are continuing discussions with following the event.  We would definitely participate in future events as we can clearly see the value that Foresight has brought to start-up cleantech companies.

Tim Sutherns, P.Eng, President

Digital Water Solutions Inc.
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