Batteries and the Decarbonized Economy

Energy storage systems are going to be a key piece of the decarbonized economy. In fact, if we are going to achieve 100% renewable energy, we’re going to need a lot of storage. (As it says in a recent research report from Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables we’re going to need ” a lot more batteries in a lot more places”).

Renewable energy systems can already compete with a solid business case in markets with peak power pricing (higher $/kWh) or global price adjustments (higher $/kW) for commercial and industrial applications. Distributed energy resources include generation and storage units that generate, store, manage and optimise the use of energy on site.

Energy storage and batteries are an essential part of distributed energy – an energy generation system that relies on wind and solar needs batteries for when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining. (Yes, even in Hawaii, where they rely on solar power, occasionally the sun doesn’t shine)

Behind-the-Meter Industry is Growing (FAST)

Called “behind the meter” systems (because power is being generated by the business, not produced on the side of the grid), distributed power generation is estimated to be a $575 billion industry by 2025. And for good reason – the economics are sound – instead of large grid scale storage paid for by utilities, a company with a behind the meter energy system can shift the capital cost to users and provide other end-user benefits (such as reduced blackouts).

Take IKEA for example – not only have they invested 2.8 billion dollars in a renewable energy infrastructureover the last decade, they are already generating more electricity than their stores consume.

Enter Zinc8 Energy Solutions from Vancouver, BC.

Zinc8 Energy Solutions has developed a unique flow battery technology using zinc and air as fuel. Zinc-Air batteries are best suited to long duration support (4+ hours), making them ideal for black-out resistant battery back-up solutions – providing industrial and utility scale mass storage markets with a safe and economic power supply over extended periods of time.


Zinc-Air Batteries – A Game Changing Solution

Zinc-air batteries are a game changer, and have the potential to change the whole energy storage industry. Zinc-air batteries are an alternative to lithium-ion batteries, and do not contain toxic compounds.

Disruptive technologies are emerging in the power generation and storage markets. The push for renewable energy grids and the economic viability of distributed energy has never been stronger.

Zinc 8 Energy is in the final stages of bringing to market a made-in-BC solution to energy storage that is solely needed as the distributed energy market matures.

As another made-in-BC organization, we’re excited to see what the future holds for this up-and-coming innovator.

Because we’re going to need a lot more batteries in a lot more places.


The future didn’t take long in arriving! Just after we finished publishing this article, we got word that Zinc 8 had just announced they are installing their zinc-air energy storage system at a residential estate in Surrey, BC. (See press release Oct 15/19)

Said Zinc8 President and CEO Ron Macdonald, “This deployment agreement marks a significant milestone towards the commercialization of our breakthrough, long-duration, energy storage technology.