PEO Canada is a Professional Employer Organization headquartered in Calgary, AB  supporting both Canadian and Global companies with integrated employee management  outsourcing solutions mitigating the employer risk by ensuring compliance within all provinces  the company has or is looking to set up operations in.

PEO Canada provides an efficient and  cost-effective way for businesses to outsource services such as recruitment, payroll  administration, Human Resources, benefits and Workers Compensation Administration. We assign a dedicated team of HR professionals who bring relevant experience and knowledge to meet your employee management needs, and your PEO Canada Client Liaison and  Business Development Consultant provide ongoing support throughout the entire partnership  experience.  

Having a proper employee management platform in place can make a company more  attractive to investors, attract and retain top talent and reduce your administrative burden  allowing you to concentrate on the revenue generating tasks at hand. We act as an extension  of the business adapting to corporate culture and supporting the executive direction through  the entire lifecycle of our partnership. 

Our service begins with a needs assessment consultation to help identify the areas within the  organization that require additional support, followed by a strategic plan to address these  concerns and support the business’ growth for today and in the future. Our fully customized  service solution will help get the business to the next level and have the key employees do  what they were hired to do.