We’re Looking for the Best in BC Cleantech

January 15, 2021

We’re Looking for the Best in BC Cleantech

Who’s making a difference in BC’s vibrant cleantech community? We want names! Submit your application by January 29, 2021


Foresight is pleased to host the BC Cleantech Awards on February 18th. The awards recognize excellence in 12 categories:


  • Newcomer Award, Year 1 Startup

New to the cleantech world? We’re looking for a go-getter in cleantech who has entered the industry in the last year but is already shaking it up and making a difference in the industry.

  • Industry Icon Award, Cleantech CEO

When you look at changes and innovations that have happened in an industry, one person often stands out as an icon. We’re looking for someone who’s made a significant impact and is changing the world of cleantech.

  • Connector Award, Industry

No one goes solo in this world anymore. This award honours our industry’s most innovative and influential connectors. Who’s ‘in the know’? Who can you rely on for the introductions you need? Who’s that maverick out there connecting all of us in this cleantech ecosystem?

  • Policy Maker Award, Government Champion

Good leaders drive good policy, which drives innovation and builds us all up. Here’s the award for that unsung hero in government who’s working hard so that we all rise together in the cleantech revolution.

  • Next Generation Award, Student Innovators

The future is young. We’re looking for the next generation of cleantech leaders. Do you know a student who is innovating in cleantech, sharing ideas, influencing people and making a difference? Nominate them for this award. 

  • Top Educator Award, Professor

Innovation needs Education. Training, skills development, and idea generation are all crucial parts of a cleantech economy.  Who is taking an innovative and leading approach to education in cleantech? Let’s recognize them.


  • Rising Star Award, SME (launch)

You’ve made things happen. You have technology, business models, and customers. You’re more than an idea, you’re a growing concern and watch out, here you come. A Rising Star award is for a company on the move and making waves in cleantech. 

  • Thriving Company Award, SME (grow)

You’re a thriving company in cleantech, growing, energetic and contributing. You have big plans, and they are happening. We’re looking for a company that’s planting some solid roots in the BC cleantech landscape. 

  • Transformation Advocate Award, Corporate (service provider)

Cleantech can transform our world.  A transformative advocate knows that and is using the power and influence of their corporation for good, and moving the entire province toward a healthy sustainable future. 

  • Community Impact Award, Association

The communities we live in make a huge difference in the quality of our lives, and the liveability of the region.  This award celebrates the cleantech association that is reaching out and making a difference in our local communities. 

  • Educational Institution Award, University

This award recognizes a powerhouse of educational excellence that is championing the cleantech future. We're looking for an educational institution that is taking risks, equipping tomorrow's workforce, and leading the way on cleantech innovation.

  • Innovation Funder Award, Investor

Innovative action takers in the world of finance are driving the sustainable future. This award honours investors and funders with a vision and a plan for the cleantech-driven economy, a financial leader who is hard at work making it all happen.

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