BCNZIN Ecosystem Update:
Building Strong Communites

January 19, 2024

From all of us at Foresight’s BC Net Zero Innovation Network, we wish you a great start to 2024. Our team is beginning the year with lots of energy and is jumping right back into many developing projects and events in the ecosystem. 

Working on something or have an interesting idea? Let’s connect! Together, we’ll enable BC and Canada to reach the 40% GHG reduction target by 2030.

Ecosystem Updates: 

BCNZIN Call for Solution Finalists Announced

Congratulations to Rohe Homes and Satya Organics, our finalists for Foresight's BC Net Zero Innovation Network Call For Solutions.

Rohe Homes Ltd. is revolutionizing net-zero housing with an innovative Integrated Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) using bioplastic foam.

Satya Organic Skin Care is pioneering low-cost, eco-friendly "hot-pour" machinery for compostable cosmetics packaging, helping reduce plastic in our water system.

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BC Cleantech Awards nominations are now open 

Calling all BC-based cleantech leaders. Nominations are now open for Foresight's fifth annual BC Cleantech Awards.

We're looking to recognize the innovators, industry leaders, investors, academics, government officials, and community builders who are driving our province toward a sustainable future.

Nominate a changemaker (or yourself) by February 20.

Nominate Here

The 2024 BC Cleantech Awards are presented by Foresight Canada and the BC Net Zero Innovation Network, with support from Backstretch Recruitment GroupBFL CanadaBonsai Growth, and Fasken.

Cluster Updates

Mining Cluster: 

The BCNZIN, with Geoscience BC and partners, launched the first phase of a Central Interior Geological CCS Assessment program. 

The project will compile existing geoscience information on the Nechako Basin, to assess the geological potential for storing GHG emissions in parts of Central and Northern British Columbia.

Foresight will conduct further research to develop a geographic visual of CO2 sources that can be integrated with Geoscience BC’s basin mapping information and identify CCUS opportunities, potential partnerships, and other regional synergies.

Read More About the Project Here

Learn more about the Mining Cluster

Transportation Cluster: 

V2G GLOBE event: In partnership with Coast to Coast Experiences (CTCE), we're facilitating an invite-only workshop with industry leaders at GLOBE on Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and bi-direction charging technology.

The workshop comprises three expert panels and moderated breakout groups. During the workshop, we will explore the challenges and opportunities of V2G, learn from global examples, and discuss what needs to be done in the next two years to accelerate the adoption of V2G technology.

eMHDV Public Charging Station Design Guide: We’re currently in the consortium-building and scoping process for a project that would see the group collaborate to produce a Design Guide for Public eMHDV Charging Stations in British Columbia.

Learn more about the Transportation Cluster

Forest Bioeconomy Cluster: 

Wood fibre insulation manufacturing is a growing area of interest across the sector and we are working with stakeholders across the value chain to realize the benefits for BC. We are promoting knowledge sharing across interested parties to reduce costs, eliminate duplicative work, and accelerate progress.

Learn more about the Forest Bioeconomy Cluster.

Water Cluster: 

Vancouver Island Drought Project: Based on conversations with municipalities on Vancouver Island, Foresight is developing a consortium project of Vancouver Island municipalities, regional governments, and First Nations focused on drought-related water technology solutions, from improving water monitoring capacity to increasing water use efficiency. 

In addition, the Water Cluster is actively seeking partners for a Net Zero Pathways project for small and medium-sized utilities. While water utilities are rarely labeled a ‘high emitting sector’, a report by the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario found that 38% of municipal energy use and 32% of municipal GHG emissions in Ontario come from water and wastewater utilities.

This project aims to develop a comprehensive roadmap for small and medium-sized utilities, a strategic framework to navigate the journey toward net zero and drive the decarbonization process.

Learn more about the Water Cluster.

Published Reports: 

BCWWA - Catalyzing Water Tech Innovation in BC 

Over the past year, the BCNZIN has worked closely with the BC Water and Waste Association, attending the Annual Conference in Penticton and the Stormwater Conference in Vancouver. We have also presented our work to various groups and committees and developed interesting project ideas. 

We are very excited to have had the opportunity to write about our initiative in the current Watermark magazine, which features not only our BCNZIN work but also that of some of Foresight's innovative ventures. 

Read our article "Catalyzing Water Tech Innovation in BC" (Page 26).

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Invest Vancouver - Strategic Industries Analytics Report

The recently released Invest Vancouver Strategic Industries Analytics Project Report contains incredible insights into the Metro Vancouver region’s regional economy. 

The report highlights several key sectors that are experiencing export-led growth and will shape Vancouver’s economic landscape. These include:

  • Transportation & Logistics, Digital Media & Entertainment
  • Life Sciences
  • Apparel
  • Agritech
  • The Green Economy (encompassing decarbonization, sustainability, and the circular economy)
  • High-tech

For the BC Net Zero Innovation Network, it is exciting that both transportation & logistics and the green economy have been recognized as growth sectors. This is closely aligned with our priority areas which focus on decarbonizing our economy in the areas of transportation, water, forest Bioeconomy and Mining.

We are looking forward to growing our green economy, coordinating economic development efforts and attracting investment to an innovative region.

Read the Report Here

About Foresight’s BC Net Zero Innovation Network 

Foresight's BCNZIN offers a simplified process to meet specific emission reduction targets in four key BC sectors: mining, forest bioeconomy, water, and transportation. BCNZIN helps find, develop, de-risk, and implement decarbonization and sustainability solutions by leveraging our vast network, matching government funding, and deep understanding of Canadian cleantech. By doing so, we aim to enable BC and Canada to reach the 40% GHG reduction target by 2030.